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Blogging for the Times Of Israel

I am now blogging for the Times of Israel. Click HERE to read my first post.

My Son Blogs!

My eldest son Aryeh, up until now known as Lenny on this blog, has started writing a blog of his own, documenting his aliyah process.

Please pop over there – here is his first post “THIS IS MY STORY” and leave him some comment-love.


New Discovery: The Milken Archive

So, if you check out my Facebook feed you’ll know that I have a very eclectic taste in music. I do love mostly 80s songs, but will listen to just about anything at least once, and have a healthy respect for the Blues that the KoD listens to. I abhor the rap “music” that teens seems to listen to these days, but I am sure when I was growing up my mother hated the music we all listened to.

I also love chazzanut – the cantorial songs of the religious liturgy. Around Yom Kippur time I youtubed so many different Yom Kippur themed clips – Barbra Streisand singing Avinu Malkeinu, Al Jolson singing Kol Nidrei.

I recently came across the Milken Archive. I had not known that there was an organization out there that was committed to saving and archiving American Jewish recordings that within generations would possibly be lost. I personally love listening to recordings of the Cantors from way back when – their voices were something special to behold – David RoitmanDavid Kusevitsky to name a couple, but the Archives also have recordings of singers, composers and groups too.

The Milken Archive (More about the founder here) also has tremendous collections from Yiddish Theatre (One of my favourite Yiddish plays is Mirele Efros, closely followed by an awesome adaptation of Fiddler on the Roof that I saw in Montreal at the Dora Wasserman Theatre eons ago), Klezmer, Children’s Songs, the list goes on. I have been loving listening to the clips that they have online – what they call a “virtual museum”.

From the website:

Though the Archive’s musical collection is voluminous, of equal importance are its collections of oral histories, interviews, photographs, and historical memorabilia, all of which lend historical depth and cultural context. Oral histories and interviews have been completed with senior cantors, veterans of the Yiddish theater, composers, conductors and others, thus preserving the knowledge, performance traditions, and stories of the individuals who brought, and continue to bring, this music to life. This unprecedented wealth of memories and first-person accounts will be a unique resource for students, scholars, documentary filmmakers, cultural historians, and anyone interested in American Jewish history.

Since I came to the US two years ago I have been reading up and learning my American history and my American Jewish history. Discovering this archive has added a new dimension to this study. I am thirsty for more.

If American Jewish history is your thing, check out the Archive. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep track of the latest happenings.

ShainDee’s Cosmetics

Wearing make-up on Shabbat is quite the issue for the frum woman. Most women I know put make-up on before lighting candles, and they put it on thick enough that it will last through a night of sleep and still look somewhat fresh in the morning.

There are laws about what make up you are allowed to apply on Shabbat, and which you are not. I am not a rabbi, far from it, and I do not even pretend to be able to tell you exactly what you can and cannot do. I have always winged it with the extra eyeliner before Shabbat… but it does tend to smudge by Shabbat morning.

I know for me I hate leaving the house without eyeliner. I feel I have nice eyes that are enhanced by my kohl liner. If I am dressing nicely, as I tend to do on Shabbat, I feel unfinished when my face is bereft of make-up. It’s the one day during the week that we are all together without rushing off anywhere, and I want to look my absolute best.

What to do?

Along came ShainDee cosmetics. She’s a godsend, folks. ShainDee has come up with a line of cosmetics that can be applied on Shabbat, and can be applied preShabbat and last throughout the day of rest. She also has rabbinical approval for her products AND many of them are kosher for Passover.

ShainDee sent me a lovely selection of products to try. I applied lipstick before Shabbat, convinced that by the end of the next day my lips would be totally dried out by the lipstick. Not so. Not only did the lippy last, my lips still felt soft. The eye make-up lasted too, and didn’t smudge all over my face as I slept.

I also received a list of instructions of how to apply the make up on a regular day, and how to halachically apply the make up on Shabbat. No need for a bare face on Shabbat anymore – I can enhance my eyes to my heart’s content, and know that I have the Rabbi’s blessing.

Additionally all of ShainDee’s products are hypoallergenic and fragrance free – perfect for my ultra-sensitive skin. The prices are more than reasonable too.

How can you get your hands on this make-up? Go to to check out the full product line, and LIKE ShainDee on Facebook.

Author’s Note: I received free product from ShainDee cosmetics and was  compensated to write this post.

Social Media Resume

Thankfully I am extremely happy with my new job. A few people have asked me recently what type of resume / CV I put together that would be applicable for a job in social media. The truth of the matter is that I was in the midst of putting one together and had the same questions myself when this job “happened” to fall into my lap.

The main thing that stood me in good stead, I think, was my online presence. More than a piece of paper that says where you went to school and what jobs you have had, if you are applying to a social media position – it’s important for a potential employer to see that you are indeed out there, using social media in a positive context.

I have been blogging for nigh on 3 years, have a Facebook and Twitter presence and a strong following on all three networks. I am engaged with other people online and have taken part in social media events – I was a panelist at the Metroimma Social Media Shmooze last month, for example.

Yes the resume can be important, and you should definitely have one, but I would definitely say that online presence is equally as important if not more so.

I wanted to open up the comments to you all – is there anything you can suggest to these friends of mine who are looking for positions in the social media field? What should they be doing to get their name out there? Where is the best place to find such jobs advertised? What should and should not be on their resume?

Blogger’s Choice Awards

Ok peeps, this totally tickled my funny bone – this blog has been nominated for a Blogger’s Choice Award in the Category of Hottest Mommy Blogger. There is a button on the sidebar that you can click to follow it to vote for me. I didn’t ask to be nominated, yet I have been. So vote early and vote often. (Cannot believe I am currently ahead of Dooce…but I am sure that will change. Not because she is hotter, but because she is much more well known. In hotness we know I win hands down!!).

Totally laughing my little head off here….

ETA – upon further investigation it seems I have also been nominated for Best Parenting Blog, Best Religion Blog and Best Blog About Stuff. Wow.

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Please, proofread your tweets

“94-year-old Grandmother Holocaust survivor left behind 2,500 descendants buried in Kiryas Joel

How did you understand this tweet?

PS what a huge legacy to have so many descendants. May she rest in peace.

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Mr Lucky

I have been asked by many people where I got the name for my Dude – the King of Diamonds. Well, it was he who first mentioned it, quoting from the following blues song – which is awesome. (if anyone can help me upload the song so you guys can hear it too that would be great, I am somewhat technologically impaired when it comes to that)

Mr Lucky – Gary Primich

Well they call me Mr. Lucky, good fortune is my middle name

They call me Mr. Lucky, good fortune is my middle name

Play your cards right I‘ll let you in my game

Well, they call me Mr. Lucky, I tell you what I’m gonna do

Yeah they call me Mr. Lucky, I tell you what I’m gonna do

Gonna love you baby, gonna try my life with you

Well I’ve never been a gambler but I think I’d like to start

I’d be your king of diamonds, you could be my queen of hearts

They call me Mr. Lucky, good fortune is my middle name

Yeah, play your cards right, I’ll let you in my game

Got a four leafed clover, and a rabbit’s foot too

I’d be a lucky man if I get to bet with you

They call me Mr. Lucky, good fortune is my middle name

Yeah play your cards right, I’ll let you in my game

If you want to be a winner why don’t you give me a play

If you want to be a winner why don’t you give me a play

Let’s cut the deck, baby, let’s get started right away

My World Famous Delicious Pie Cake

Firstly you have to know this is my own recipe, that I adapted from a number of other recipes. I do that. I also add plenty of love and happiness – without adding those ingredients the cake just won’t taste right. I know it sounds corny – but don’t bake this when you are in a bad mood. It just won’t be worth it.


Ingredients necessary:

½ cup of Shortening

1/2 cup / 1 stick Margarine / Butter, softened

1 ½ cups of Sugar

1 ½ teaspoons Baking Powder

4 Eggs

1 teaspoon of Vanilla essence

3 cups of Flour

1 21 oz Can Pie Filling – I like cherry or raspberry

Icing sugar

Pam Spray



Warm Fuzzies


What to Do:

Turn oven on, preheat oven to 350F (180C)

Grease pan with Pam spray – I like to use a 9 x 13 aluminum pan – the disposable kind, makes for easy clean up.

Beat together (on low) shortening, margarine, sugar, baking powder, vanilla and eggs, constantly scraping sides of bowl. As you are mixing think happy thoughts.

Beat it on high for two minutes. More happy loving thoughts. Sprinkle in a smile or two – what can it hurt?!!

Add flour half a cup at a time – mix well.

Take two thirds of the mixture and spread it out over greased pan – you are probably going to have to use your fingers – so make sure they are very clean and the jewellery is removed. Its annoying to get dough out of those rings….

Make sure it’s even – sprinkle more love…..

Spread pie filling over it, making sure every square millimeter is covered.

Using the remaining dough, roll out in your hands lengths of dough and place over pie filling in lattice design. It will feel like you are playing with long worms of dough, but I so love this part. Make it pretty – it will add to the love. Leave space – the dough expands as it bakes.

Bake 45 minutes, or until you feel it is ready.

Take out of oven and leave it to cool, away from sticky hands and hungry tummies.

Turn oven off (hey, people do forget)

Once it is cool, you can glaze it. Also a fun thing to do.

Mix icing sugar with water – I usually measure by sight, but you need experience to do this, so let’s say for argument’s sake, mix 1 cup icing sugar with 2 tablespoons of water / milk. You want it mixed to a goopy consistency. Not too thick but not too runny either. Like Hummous – I guess. If it is too thick add a little more liquid. Too runny – add more icing sugar.

Once that’s mixed you can either just drizzle it out of the mixing bowl over the cake, or you can pipe it over so it looks fancier. Myself, I prefer easy – it all just runs together anyway. Leave it a half hour and its ready to serve.


If there is any left I always keep this in the refrigerator.

If you do make it, let me know how it went over.


Oh and it is mezonot!!


Have fun, and please remember to cook safely in the kitchen.


this is a pic without the icing – shows better how it should look.


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Just wanted to revisit some of my favourite blog postings – from the early days 9 months ago when I first started this enterprise until now. Re reading them has been awesome – how things can change in such a small amount of time!


Here  I wrote about my love for coffee – and it has just grown and matured ever since.


I wrote about Prince Pigeon putting on tefillin here  for the first time. Every time I read this piece I remember every feeling and emotion I had at that time.


Rereading this post cracked me up do us divorcees rate, especially now that I am getting married and have found the man of my dreams.


Here are my two favourite poems – Friday Night Lights  and In Awe of Life


My prayer at the Kotel.


And to end off, my fave post about my special princes.

Have a wonderful day!