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Heinous or Harmless – marital possessions

This stems from an interesting discussion I had with the KoD last night. We started off talking about my numerous crystal serving platters that I unearthed during yesterday’s marathon declutterfication. Most of them I probably received as wedding presents first time around, and have never really been used or seen the light of day. We were discussing whether I needed to bring them with me when we move, or if they should be passed on to someone who will use them. (I said bring, he said pass. (OK I actually mentioned I should hold onto them because please God soon in a few years we will be making Sheva Brachot for the kids….)).

So this got us thinking. When folks get divorced, do most throw out or get rid off EVERYTHING that they shared together, do they buy all new stuff, do they keep some things and not others. What worked for you?

My point was, that generally, the wife / mother gets to stay in the marital home with the children (even if, like me, they eventually have to move). In order for the kids to have some familiarity and comfort at a tough time, I am of the opinion that the mother should more or less keep everything – at least dishes and stuff like that. The one that leaves is the one that usually has to buy everything new.

I immediately got rid of our beds and the linens and everything like that that I associated with the togetherness of being married. But that’s where I stopped. I still have the dishes we used, the candlesticks I got as a wedding present (I don’t use them any more), the challah board, the dining room set and the sofas etc. My Shabbat dishes are gorgeous, but I used them during my first marriage – is it cruel and unusual punishment to use them in my new marriage? (Do you know how much one pays for a Noritake place setting these days??!!)

Is it heinous to hold onto this stuff, especially going into a new marriage, or is it harmless, and ridiculous to expect someone to make a totally clean slate and get rid of everything they owned during their marriage?

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Coronation Street – in the USA?

There are many things to do in preparation for the big move this summer. One of those items on the list is a HUGE one. I have been an avid fan of Corrie ever since I were a nipper (ever since I was a little child). The goings on in the Rovers Return and up and down the street have held me fascinated for over 30 years. Here in Canada we are about 10 months behind the UK, but at least I can watch it. If I miss an episode I can catch up online on


Last summer I spent time in NY. I wanted to get my Corrie fix. I made meself a brew (I made myself a cup of tea) and sat down to watch a week’s worth of episodes on the laptop. Nope. CBC does not stream to the USA. You can only watch it with a Canadian ISP address.  Well that just in’t right, but whatcha gonna do? ‘Ave an argy bargy (argument) with the CBC?


So, folks, what am I to do once we move to New York? How am I to catch up with all the hatches, matches and dispatches on the Street? Are there any Corrie fans out there in the States? There has to be…… or will I need to shell out money for satellite tv so I can spy on my favourite Brits?