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Just tooting my own horn for a bit – one of my poems went up this week on Go check it out. Friday Night Lights.

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Chanukah!

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Your eyes

Your eyes

I could get lost in

Deep pools of soulful thought

Displaying your heart

For the world to see


Your eyes

Tell me a story

An explanation of sorts

Of  who you are and of

Where you have been


Your eyes

Are deeply magical

They touch me beyond words

Giving me the gift

Of deep knowledge


Your eyes

Show me your faith

And trust in all you hold dear

Your truth shakes me

To my very foundation.

Happy Birthday to a special person



You have not been long in my life

But are already becoming a huge part

Of my circle of treasured people.


Your smile lights me up

From the inside out, warming

Me on the coldest day.


We are still taking our own

Private measures of each other

Assessing the other’s risk.


In time I know things will

Be smooth and even keeled

I cannot wait for that time.


But until then please know

You already hold a very special

Place, deep in my heart.


Have a truly wonderful day

And a special year.

You deserve it!

My True Love Has My Heart

My True Love Has My Heart
by Philip  Sidney


My true-love hath my heart and I have his,
By just exchange one for the other given;
I hold his dear and mine he cannot miss;
There never was a better bargain driven.
My true-love hath my heart and I have his,

His heart in me keeps him and me in one;
My heart in him his thoughts and senses guides;
He loves my heart for once it was his own,
I cherish his because in me it bides.
My true-love hath my heart and I have his,


Parents are not paper which you use and throw away.

Parents are not a cash point from which you take money and go.

Parents are not a rock which never cracks.

Parents are not only a family name or a sign on the door.


For parents are paper which absorbs everything.

And parents are like a bank which gives and gives.

But you have to enter, to sit down and to talk

And perhaps return at a later time.


Parents are soft chalk and fragile too.

Parents are a family name with a meaningful ancestry.

Parents are a large and complex family
On whose back there is a big and heavy rucksack.


Parents are people who make mistakes sometimes

But even with their mistakes, they love endlessly.

Parents will always remain parents

Whether their child is eight or fifty.


But parents are also made from expendable material.

They get tired, with the years

Therefore when there is an occasion

Preventive care of love and warm feelings

Could probably delay old age a little

And give a moment of honour, enjoyment and motivation


Source unknown.


(thank you to FS and HC for the translation from the Hebrew. I was shown this poem in its original Hebrew, and was so moved by it that i wanted to share it with all of you)

The Look


You gaze lovingly into my eyes
And I feel such depths of emotion
Such soul moving tremors.
The world around us fades
As we lose ourselves in each other
As though magnetized by a
Force stronger than nature.
Your eyes drink me in
Burning a pathway through
To my fast beating heart,
Clearing a passage
To Forever.
In your eyes I see
Such pure love and awe.
What do you see in mine?

2008 retrospective

I started writing a look back at the year that was, but the first draft ended up being a play by play of the guys that I dated. I should be blushing here, right, but I will not. I was on a quest to find my prince charming and I guess that was my main focus of this year. Those of you who read all the Frumster Files  (including the deleted ones) know a lot of what I experienced.


After many disappointments, and some close calls, this year on Rosh Hashannah my davenning was to ask Hashem to send me what he felt was right for me at this point in my life. I honestly didn’t think He would be so quick in responding.


As I look back on 2008 I want to thank every guy that I dated / went out with / conversed and emailed with. You were all a necessary step on my road to finding my King of Diamonds. Ok a few of you I would like to have stepped completely over or on you, but I didn’t get that choice. I learnt something from each and everyone of you – some things about men in general, some things about myself, my likes and dislikes, my preferences, what I will or will not settle for. There were a couple of you that were really close to be the One – but you didn’t make the final cut….oh well, such is life.  (At this point I would like to say that I didn’t settle for anything less than the very best – and I am so blessed)


This was the year of finding my beshert, my beloved future husband, the King of Diamonds. He proposed in front of my children, with tears sparkling in his eyes…sigh….I love sharing our story – so read it again here.


This was also the year in which we celebrated the barmitzvah of our eldest son, together, in true blended family tradition – with everyone getting along and being there for our son’s moment in the spotlight. Read about it here Son – you did me proud and I am so honoured to be your Ima. I still think back fondly to that weekend – such great positive memories. My fave – when you started speaking about me in your speech and your voice broke, and the whole hall cried with you. My chance to speak – well, that was icing on the cake. Read my speech here .


This year I took my eldest son to Israel and introduced him to his country. I was so priviliged to be able to do this, and the memories will live on in both of us forever. My prayer at the kotel. Some holiday musings .


I started working outside the house this year, I blogged about it here  and while it was a big adjustment, I would not trade it for the world. To have people to converse with during the day, about important matters, and not just about groceries and kids – that’s a priceless experience. And to get paid for it – what a bonus!!


I made a bunch of new friends this year and enjoyed “old” friends too– you have enriched my life more than you can ever know. I hope our friendships continue to go from strength to strength.


I also started blogging this year. First month of blog here . It has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had to date. I have always been one to have something to say, and the idea that there are people out there actually interested in what I have to say just continues to blow my mind!


I bought a blackberry  and joined the dark side. I started tweeting too – if you haven’t used yet – hop on over there and sign up. This has been an invaluable real time tool for me to advertise my blog, to find out what’s going on in the world, and with my own people. Warning –it can be a little bit addictive if you let it. Note to all who asked – I will not be live tweeting my wedding – that’s been done already…thanks SGR for taking that pressure off me!!


I gave up coffee three times this year. Every time I was so impressed with myself. I went without coffee for 3 long months at one point. Everyone (except my stomach) is so much happier with me back to drinking my daily caffeine. Some things are just not worth giving up. Caffeine makes me a better mother – it’s the sacrifice I am willing to make. (of course the fact that I love it very much doesn’t hurt ).


My message for you all in 2009 is don’t give up on your dream. Sometimes you may have to tweak it a little, refine and reshape – but don’t give up. You never know what life has in store.


So my motto for 2009 is this “all will be fine in 2009”.

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Woman / Man

My thoughts are deeply private

Yet you think them

My feelings leak out

Through my eyes and face.


I tremble

You sense it in your own body

I smile

Your face lights up.


My pain you take as yours

My joy cheers your mood

I cannot think nor feel

By myself anymore.


In me you see

The embodiment of woman

Because for me

You are the essence of man.


What is this thing called love?

How does it invade every fibre?

How wonderful it is to feel

Unconditionally and truly loved.

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I wish you starshine forevermore

The leaves were never greener

The sky was never so blue

The colours of the world

Shone so vividly

When I was around you.

You brought such hope

You gave me such joy

You helped me believe

That this blessed life is truly

A place to enjoy.

We never know exactly

What the future holds

Sometimes confusion and fear

Abound, adding to

Life’s profound mysteries.

There are so many things

I wish in this life

For me, for you, for all

Clarity of mind and soul

I wish most of all.

If it is meant to be

Love will find a way

It will see the true path,

Though destiny sometimes

Takes us on unexpected journeys.

I will not rue what we shared

I will celebrate life

And all the colours that I felt

But I will feel sad

That the end came near.

In your life

I wish you peace and tranquility

Much love and laughter

As many joyous moments as there are

Stars in the black velvet sky.


Control Issues

(inspired by a friend struggling with an eating disorder)


I am in control

I know when to stop

Look what I can do

Look how far I can go

Everyone struggles

To lose a pound or two

I can do so much better

How about 42?

But that will never be enough

So I will push for more

Just one or two or maybe three

But then

Then I shall stop

Because perfection

Will have been achieved

I reached my target weight

But I am still unhappy

Maybe just maybe

Lose another three

And then maybe

I shall feel free

To be me.