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MEN / boys – a survey question for you

Do you remember to put the toilet seat down when you have finished your business? If you do, who is responsible for banging that into your head? Your wife or your mother? If you don’t, does your wife / partner get upset with you? (it’s, uh, for market research. Yeah, that’s it….)

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Cholent Poll

Does your cholent have potatoes in it, yes or no?

From where does your family originate?

(DY – this is for you…well, only if it proves my point!!)

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Food and Mood

Do you eat more when you are sad or depressed or lonely? Or do you not eat? What food makes you feel better? What food makes you feel worse? Does eating actually improve your mood or your outlook?

Personally, when I am in a dejected and low mood, food is the last thing on my mind. I have no appetite. I eat really well when I am happy. Just curious how it is for other people.

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Poll for the menfolk

Of course, it’s a poll about your ladies. Do you like them to wear make-up and get dressed up, even if it’s just to spend time with you? Does it bother you if they make no effort whatsoever and shlump around in their sweats / pjs – or do you prefer that look? Do you ever ask your lady to put make up on, or dress nicer? Do you not notice at all what she is wearing? Do you ever wish she would make more of an effort? Does she dress differently now than when you were dating? How so? Does this bother you? What are your views on the robes that many religious women wear a lot of the time?

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WWYD – lost library book

You and the kids go regularly to the library; you expect the kids to keep track of the books they borrow; you have a special place set aside for keeping the library books so you can return them all without having to look like crazy.

You return the books to the library, take out some more, and you go home. In a week or so you get an email notification that one of the books is overdue. The son who borrowed it swears up and down and sideways that he returned it. He remembers, he says, putting it on the pile. The kid is trustworthy and you believe him.

You talk to the librarian, tell her that it isn’t lost, that you know it was returned. It’s happened before. They told me once that I hadn’t returned a book and later they called to say they had indeed misplaced it and found it on their shelves. If the book is lost you have to pay for it, if the loss is contested it has a different designation. The librarian gave a long lecture that you listened to, and yet you still gently insist the book was returned. She huffily agrees to mark it as “misplaced in library” and off you go.

Your son is cleaning his room for Pesach and oh no what have we here?  The “lost” library book is found between dresser and wall. He tells you straight away and wonders what will happen now.

Do you:

a) Return the book to the library in person and apologize profusely to the librarian, perhaps dragging your son with you so he can apologize;

b) Just drop it in the drop box in front of the library and think about it no more and give your son a stern lecture; OR

c) Sneak it into the library and leave it on the shelves so that they can “find” it.

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Minhag HaMakom – Modest Dress and Hair Covering

Literally “the custom of the place”. I think this is the Jewish equivalent of “when in Rome do as the Romans do”.

Can we apply this to dressing modestly and hair covering? If you are married and don’t cover your hair, and perhaps dress more modern that your chareidi (ultra religious) cousins – if you go to a chareidi  event like a barmitzvah or wedding – will you make an extra effort to blend in by dressing appropriately? If you know that 95% of the women there are wearing hats or wigs, will you cover you hair too out of respect? Do you think this is asking too much?

When I go to the boys’ yeshiva I always dress more covered up than I usually do. I make sure I have sleeves to my wrists, my skirt is way past my knees and I don’t go in bare legged. Even though I might dress differently outside, when I visit the school I am respectful of their sensibilities. Some people say this is hypocritical. I say it is common courtesy. What do you say?

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Physical Contact from Teacher

Shamelessly lifted from

Do you feel it’s appropriate for teachers to hug their students?

If you were a teacher, would you give a student who looked like they needed it a hug?
As a parent, would you expect them to hug / not hug? Would you want permission before a teacher hugs your child?

Does it differ if your child is a preschooler or older student?
Special needs or Regular needs?

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Pet Peeve

I am in a well crankazoid mood right now – diagnosed with a sinus infection, prescribed antibiotics. Waiting for them to work – did the doc really have to bang on several areas of my face and ask if it hurt? Did it heck??!!! Sheesh.

Anyhow, I just made an important call and was totally disgusted that the person on the other end of the line was eating during this conversation. It’s a pet peeve of mine. Don’t eat when on the phone, or use the washroom when on the phone – show me, the person you are talking to, some respect.

So what are your pet peeves??

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Dressing for the doc

So I have this nasty sinus thing going on right now. I woke up this morning feeling that they were going to explode out of my face. The kind of pain that makes fingernails on the chalkboard not seem so bad. The kind of pain that makes you want to stick a knitting needle up your nose to try to relieve the pressure – don’t try that at home. Very dangerous.

I am going to go to the walk-in clinic to see a doctor and hopefully get something to ease this sinus crud. Which means I have to actually get dressed.

I hate to leave the house looking like I just got out of bed. So I will probably fix my hair all nice, and put on make up, and make myself look presentable. Which kind of feels silly in a way. If the doctor sees that you look ok, is he really going to take you seriously when you say you feel awful? I mean, obviously if you were able to shower, get dressed and put on make-up – you can’t possibly be as sick as you make out.

But if I go out looking the way I am – little children will shake in their shoes, and cars will veer off the road in an effort to avoid the scary HSM monster.

Do you think it makes a difference to the way the doctor regards a patient?

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Birthday Question

Do you know exactly what time you were born? After conversations with family members today, it seems that not everyone does….so I am just curious if you know your time of birth, your weight at birth and all those stats.

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