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My girlfriend shlepped me out for dinner tonight at Chez Papa Ernie’s. It had been a day of ups and downs and we just needed a change of scenery. What was awesome, other than her delightful company, was seeing my own review taped onto the wall, with certain sections highlighted. First time I have seen anything I have written in a public place. I wanted to autograph it, but I played it cool. See, it wasn’t a totally positive review. Read it for yourselves. But I did snap a pic of it hanging on the wall. I’ll get over myself real soon. I will. Just let me have a moment to kvell.

(Just to note – the service has improved, the waiter was not too friendly and the food was still amazing. We had the smoked meat burger which was delish.)

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Shopping in the times of Blackberry

Continuation of yesterday’s clothes post. Thank you all for the suggestions on the blog and the emails of links. Thanks especially to KoD who hunted through pages of stuff online to find me something that he knew I would like. (I still want that pink Tahari suit….)

Empress CaresALot let me borrow her chariot today to run some errands. She also suggested a store where I might find suits in my size. Now, this store is called Winners, kind of similar to TJ Maxx I think, and I had struck out there yesterday. But apparently if I went to a different location there would be more selection there. This was my last ditch attempt to find anything.

Not ten minutes after walking into the store I came upon a rack of Calvin Klein skirt suits – all for $99. Every item is fully lined, good quality and they had plenty in my size. Score!! I piled an assortment of different suits into my arms and off to the changing rooms I went.

I must add here, that I have rather an eclectic taste in clothes, and can sometimes go overboard. The KoD is more conservative in his way of dressing (no pink for him), and prefers classic tailored styles on me. I don’t allow anyone to dictate what clothes I buy, other than the laws of modesty, but I don’t have to look at myself in my clothes – he does. But given that, I won’t buy anything I don’t like even if he likes it. I would, however, prefer him to like what he sees, than to look at me and think I took a bath in bubblegum paint. (I like the bright colours). Plus he has good taste – he married ME!!

So armed with my blackberry I entered the dressing rooms, and tried on each suit. I modeled it in front of the mirror and snapped pictures with my blackberry and bounced them over to the KoD for his opinion. It was fun – almost like I was shopping with him, and he was waiting outside the dressing room to say yea or nay. Luckily I agreed with the majority of his opinions – and I was decided on what to buy. I could not believe how well the suits fitted, the skirts were long enough (more or less) and they were $99 for a designer suit – how wrong can you go with that?

I wasn’t going to get shoes….but I couldn’t resist. These ones match my suit perfectly and they were the last pair left. I know they are rather OTT – but it’s a 5 inch heel and they will look so awesome with my new suit. (Oh yeah, umm, KoD? I bought new shoes too (only one pair)….and you will love them on me….). I must funkify the suit up a little, you know, add my own personal touch….

It’s good to know that I have something decent to wear for Pesach and afterwards. And that I don’t need to go clothes shopping for myself for a good long while….unless there is a sale….

No, wait!! What am I going to wear to @kvetchingeditor and @schnit’s wedding??

Exercise Update

Well, I am really getting into this workout thing. I am enjoying it. I am trying to walk places instead of driving. Yesterday I took 25,000 steps! (so much for Trep’s 10K challenge lol). I have also made a commitment to eat better and to eat regularly. I am a skinny little thing and really not so into food, but with all this burning calories I have to feed the fire.


There are some awesome websites out there that help you keep track of what you eat and how much you exercise and how many calories you consume and burn. The one I have started to use is LiveStrong.Com . If you click on “The Daily Plate” that’s where you can monitor everything. If you have a weight goal it helps you keep track of your progress. It’s really very cool.


I just need a web application that gives me a kick in the patootie at 5 am – it’s very hard getting up when everyone else is sleeping, but I am motivated.


I even made the kids walk more yesterday. We had an appointment and we usually drive there. We walked, they complained bitterly, it took 15 minutes, and then they said it really wasn’t so bad after all. Once they get used to the idea they won’t even notice how much they walk. Kids these days are way too sedentary.


Within the next couple of weeks I am going to start stomach crunches – I don’t want a six pack, I think that looks ugly on women, but after 4 babies my stomach can use some toning. But I am not sure I can do crunches – any tips for the best way to do it without straining one’s back?


I am really feeling good about myself these days, I am more patient with the boys, I have more energy, and I am finally sleeping better. I want to stay with these positive feelings forever, so I will stick to my new routine.

Proud of myself

I was up before the alarm. Actually sneezed in my sleep and it woke me. My throat was on fire and my nose running. No fever, so really no excuse to stay in bed and cancel my jog. But it was so toasty warm in bed and very cold outside it.


Nope, I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed for my run – wrapped a scarf tightly around my neck, put on legwarmers (yes I still own some) and a warm hat, shoved a Halls in my mouth and off I trotted.


I really didn’t think I would be this committed – but in my head my reward for jogging is my sole cup of coffee in the day. No jog – no coffee. It balances out…


On our way back we came across the neighbourhood skunk – euw what a disgusting creature. But apparently it is always out foraging at 6 am. We just stayed well away.


Came home, set up the coffee, started waking up the kidlets, processing them through the shower (best to do it while they are still sleepy – they can’t complain too much) and still my coffee wasn’t ready. Ah, forgot to plug it in. Maybe a sign from above not to imbibe? Nah. I plugged that baby in! Ah the sweet nectar of coffee. Mmm mmm good!


Now I am caffeinated, Advil cold and sinus-ed,  and ready to take on the day….woohoo….laundry here I come!!

Oops I did it again!

Well not oops, really. Did the jogging thing again this morning. My muscles ache, I have a strained something or other in my upper inner leg area – it hurts…. Must put ice….Probably just muscles that haven’t been awoken in a very long time.

I am proud of myself for getting up early and doing this. Doing it with a buddy makes me accountable. We both dreamt that we stood the other one up. Imagine that!  This is a pic of us at the end of a half hour walk / jog.jogging2


I got home all hot and bothered and tired from my jog and Prince Squiggy was already up, he voluntarily unlaced my sneakers and brought me OJ with a side of Advil. What a lamb!


i was recently interviewed for a mommy bloggers website. Enjoy!

2008 retrospective

I started writing a look back at the year that was, but the first draft ended up being a play by play of the guys that I dated. I should be blushing here, right, but I will not. I was on a quest to find my prince charming and I guess that was my main focus of this year. Those of you who read all the Frumster Files  (including the deleted ones) know a lot of what I experienced.


After many disappointments, and some close calls, this year on Rosh Hashannah my davenning was to ask Hashem to send me what he felt was right for me at this point in my life. I honestly didn’t think He would be so quick in responding.


As I look back on 2008 I want to thank every guy that I dated / went out with / conversed and emailed with. You were all a necessary step on my road to finding my King of Diamonds. Ok a few of you I would like to have stepped completely over or on you, but I didn’t get that choice. I learnt something from each and everyone of you – some things about men in general, some things about myself, my likes and dislikes, my preferences, what I will or will not settle for. There were a couple of you that were really close to be the One – but you didn’t make the final cut….oh well, such is life.  (At this point I would like to say that I didn’t settle for anything less than the very best – and I am so blessed)


This was the year of finding my beshert, my beloved future husband, the King of Diamonds. He proposed in front of my children, with tears sparkling in his eyes…sigh….I love sharing our story – so read it again here.


This was also the year in which we celebrated the barmitzvah of our eldest son, together, in true blended family tradition – with everyone getting along and being there for our son’s moment in the spotlight. Read about it here Son – you did me proud and I am so honoured to be your Ima. I still think back fondly to that weekend – such great positive memories. My fave – when you started speaking about me in your speech and your voice broke, and the whole hall cried with you. My chance to speak – well, that was icing on the cake. Read my speech here .


This year I took my eldest son to Israel and introduced him to his country. I was so priviliged to be able to do this, and the memories will live on in both of us forever. My prayer at the kotel. Some holiday musings .


I started working outside the house this year, I blogged about it here  and while it was a big adjustment, I would not trade it for the world. To have people to converse with during the day, about important matters, and not just about groceries and kids – that’s a priceless experience. And to get paid for it – what a bonus!!


I made a bunch of new friends this year and enjoyed “old” friends too– you have enriched my life more than you can ever know. I hope our friendships continue to go from strength to strength.


I also started blogging this year. First month of blog here . It has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had to date. I have always been one to have something to say, and the idea that there are people out there actually interested in what I have to say just continues to blow my mind!


I bought a blackberry  and joined the dark side. I started tweeting too – if you haven’t used yet – hop on over there and sign up. This has been an invaluable real time tool for me to advertise my blog, to find out what’s going on in the world, and with my own people. Warning –it can be a little bit addictive if you let it. Note to all who asked – I will not be live tweeting my wedding – that’s been done already…thanks SGR for taking that pressure off me!!


I gave up coffee three times this year. Every time I was so impressed with myself. I went without coffee for 3 long months at one point. Everyone (except my stomach) is so much happier with me back to drinking my daily caffeine. Some things are just not worth giving up. Caffeine makes me a better mother – it’s the sacrifice I am willing to make. (of course the fact that I love it very much doesn’t hurt ).


My message for you all in 2009 is don’t give up on your dream. Sometimes you may have to tweak it a little, refine and reshape – but don’t give up. You never know what life has in store.


So my motto for 2009 is this “all will be fine in 2009”.

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Pure decadence!!

I am off work for the next couple of weeks.Yay!  So I am allowing myself the luxury of turning off the ringer on the phone, shutting off the BlackBerry and going back to sleep. Yes, indeed. It is daylight and I am crawling back under the covers to sleep. I am BH not sick, just indulging in some pure decadence. When I awake I will take a bubble bath. This afternoon I will do some much needed laundry and housework, but for now I will pamper myself. It was an exhausting weekend, I need to recuperate.


The rest of the vacation will be devoted to wedding planning.

I love to write

i_love_your_blog6 I love to write, and i love getting recognized for it. I got another award!!  The Babysitter awarded me a blog award. Read the lovely things she says here!




Well, it is Chanukah and everyone knows that Judah Maccabee was the big hero of the story. I have been thinking all week about everyday heroes, who mine are, who mine were whilst growing up.


My primary hero is my mother. My mother, as most mothers do, sacrificed so much in order to raise us. I don’t think I quite understood the depth of a mother’s love until I became a mother myself. Once I became a single mom struggling to raise my kids, I garnered a newfound appreciation for all that my mom did and continues to do. Mum – thank you for inspiring me!


Next are my kids. They are my little heroes. Have you ever watch a child learn to do something, like tie their shoes? Their little faces are so determined, their character so stubborn – they will keep at it until they get it right. We lose that drive by the time we become teenagers. Children look at things in such a unique light – the joy they have in seemingly mundane moments is a lesson for all of us. We may just see a rainstorm, but they see angels having a shower, they see G-d crying because children are going hungry (one of my kids explained rain this way) – they see the catalyst for plant growth. My children have inspired me to look differently at life, and to appreciate everything that I have been given.


And yes, KoD is my hero, my caped crusader, my knight in shining armour etc. (you can all roll your eyes, but Superman ain’t got nothing on my man!). He is my hero and my champion. He believes in me. He would walk through fire for me – although I don’t plan on testing that particular theory. (I wrote a heck of a lot more, but then I deleted it because I didn’t want to be responsible for mass barfage….suffice it to say that KoD is my superhero….’nuff said!)


Now this is going to sound a little off the wall, my friends, but I am one of my heroes. Yes, you read that right. I look back on the past few years (I wrote about it here) and see how far I have come. I didn’t do it alone, not at all, but all the work that had to be done – well that was all my doing. Had I not wanted to emerge from the living nightmare that was around me I could have chosen not to make the effort. I made the effort, and I pulled myself up by my bootstraps. I look back on my accomplishments and am proud of myself. Yes I have plenty I still need to work on (time management / taking on too much / perfectionism……etc) and I am far from perfect (don’t tell the kids) but I am proud to be me.


One of my friends once called me her hero and I felt embarrassed. At the time I told her, I am just being me, I am nothing special. She proceeded to explain to me just why she sees me as her hero, and I had to accept it. There are people in our lives that even through being just who they are, they inspire us to be better, they give us the impetus to change something for the positive. A hero isn’t just someone who leads his people into battle and emerges victorious against all odds. A hero can be an ordinary person living an ordinary life – but one that touches you somehow.


Who are your heroes?