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Morning Rush

When I was a kid, my alarm would wake me up, I would force myself out of bed, do what I needed to do, and leave for school. I was responsible for getting myself there on time. I fixed my own breakfast, packed my own lunch. In those days I had yet to discover coffee, yet I still managed.

My kids get a royal wake up call. I actually wake up 15 minutes earlier so I can savour a cup of coffee in the peace and quiet and allow it to wake me up and be less of a grouch. At 6 o’clock I am waking up the first victim, by 6.05 I am nudging him again. We have a whole system, he gets in the shower first, at 6.15 the next one is pulled into consciousness, 6.30 the next and so on. Once they are up they don’t need me to remind them what to do. (Doesn’t necessarily stop me from doing so, but they don’t NEED it).

Most of the mothers I know wake their kids up. Most adults my age that I know were not woken up by a parent when they were kids, they were responsible for getting themselves up. Is it that we don’t trust our kids to get up on time, or that we are more hands-on parents than the previous generation? If I missed the bus to school there was no lift from my mother to get me there. Public transportation was there for a reason. If I forgot my lunch, again my problem. I wouldn’t even have dreamt of calling home and asking for my mum to bring it to the school. Apart from the fact that she was at work and wouldn’t have been able to even if I had asked.

By the time the youngest has left for school, by 8 o’clock, I am exhausted and wish to go back to bed. I am sick of waking people up and dealing with the grumpiness – they do apologize for it when fully awake – I am sick and tired of having to be the toughie. When they were younger, they would climb into my bed and snuggle with me, there was no rush, they woke up on their own. Daycare started when we got there. Those days are sooo over. These giant almost-men are still my children, and even if I have to stand on a chair to tell them off, they still have to listen.

What are mornings like in your household?

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