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I believe!

How do you do it, how do you believe b’Emunah shleimah (with full faith)? Certain things I am dealing with right now are severely testing my faith, and I know that I need to work harder on knowing deep within my soul that this will all work out the right way, that it’s all part of God’s plan. Blind faith – does there come a point that you have to admit it isn’t working? Or is blind faith like that old chestnut of the man hanging off a cliff, ignores the rescue attempts, dies and then asks God why He didn’t help him and gets told “who do you think sent you the helicopter…??” If you do your Hishtadlut – due diligence – you need to be able to trust that it’s all safe in God’s hands, right? Is that what blind faith is?

Is having true emunah and bitachon an issue that FFBs struggle with more than BTs or converts? Is it because I was brought up with God front and centre that I take Him for granted until things go wrong and then have a hard time believing and trusting 100%?

What do you do to improve your belief and faith in God? Can you help me do it too?

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