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Blogging is not tznius

This was a status update by incredible blogger Aliza Hausman. Unfortunately this was not the first I had heard of this idea this week. I have had a couple of interactions recently with Jewish female bloggers on this subject. Some rabbanim have felt that it draws too much attention and is not to be encouraged. Especially in single female bloggers who are dating. Being a public figure is apparently against the tenets of Judaism and modesty unless you are a Rabbi.

How stupid of me to forget! Us women are supposed to be quiet and hide behind our men, and only speak when spoken to. And if we don’t have men to hide behind? Use a tree, something, so that women should never be seen, let alone be heard to have opinions.

Yes there are JBlogs out there that talk about taboo subjects and are sensationalist etc. But there are some awesome quality JBlogs writen by some phenomenal female members of the Tribe. The world is so much better for these blogs. I have learned a tremendous amount from these women, and come to a much deeper understanding of myself through the blogging medium. If I have learned from them, I am sure many others have too.

I am a Jewish female blogger and I stand tall and proud. Who is with me???!!!

Soon breathing won’t be tznius….what will they think of next??!!

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Blogger MeetUps (aka Name Dropping)

One of the best parts of blogging is meeting other bloggers. Generally the initial contact is online within the blogosphere, on twitter or on facebook. Occasionally one is blessed to actually meet the blogger elite in real life.

israel 050The first blogger that I met was the amazing Treppenwitz . We met for the first time in Manhattan, and he bought me lunch. A total mensch and a gentleman. Conversation flowed freely although I occasionally had to pinch myself to bring myself down to earth. I was breaking bread with one of the most well known and most beloved Jewish bloggers. I was not gauche, thank goodness, and did not ask for his autograph. We met again a few weeks later, when he and his lovely wife hosted me and my eldest son in Israel for an overnight visit. My blog was not so well known at this point, and I was thrilled to have met my blog guru and that he made time for little old me.

Since then I have been fortunate to befriend online and then meet the lovely Kosher Academic who was blogging long before she moved to my city, and whom I now count as a close friend. Another friend of mine is EmetElisheva who I knew in real life long before she started blogging – she is also my power walking buddy.

monsey 018I had the good fortune to meet the gorgeous Chanief (with me, RIGHT) who has also become a good friend. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she is a sweet person internally. A great mom and an awesome strong opinionated WOMAN!!!

I trekked into Brooklyn to meet Giti who was brave enough to meet me with all my boys in tow. What a charming and talented young lady and awesome single mom who has so much to offer this world.

Shorty is another blogger that I met – actually I met her with EmetElisheva and KosherAcademic at the same time, with my kids and Shorty’s lovely husband – we were very appreciative that they made the long trek to meet us. It was so great to have four fierce female bloggers together.

tweetupmonsey 005Last night, due to an interesting unplanned twist of fate, I met up with two awesome bloggers – Chaviva and Tuvia. There have been a number of times that these two sweet people have passed through my new neighbourhood. It seems that every single time they have passed through I had just left. Luckily they never took it personally. But after a while it was just so frustrating – I just wanted to meet them already. I have read their blogs for a long time, and we have connected often over twitter and facebook. We had touched base erev Shabbat and realized that we would be missing each other yet again this weekend. I hadn’t counted on car trouble. Around dinnertime I remembered that that Tuvivah (my name for them) were in Monsey for dinner. I messaged them both, telling them that I was in town, still, and would love to meet them. They came over to the house, and got to meet the KoD too. Such awesomely lovely genuine people.

I have to say that all these people are just how they seem to be on their blogs. No airs and graces, down to earth, real people. But people with an awesome talent of portraying their lives for us in a way that we feel as if we are living that life along with them. A good blogger is one who enables the reader to feel and experience what they write about, to empathize with a situation, to think about the issues raised, and one who furthers thought about important issues. A good blogger is also one who can laugh at themselves and not get offended when we all join in.

To be included in this group of bloggers is an honour. It took me a long time to call myself a blogger. I just write because I love to do so. I love the comments and the discussions – serious sometimes, and totally inane and wacky other times. There are plenty of other bloggers that I cannot wait to meet – I will not name them as they are many.

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