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Heinous or Harmless – terminal illness

Lifted shamelessly from Hashkafa.com (I edited it for grammar)


Inspired by an article in this week’s Mishpacha.

So there was an article about this couple who kept secret the fact that the husband’s father was dying of cancer. Who did they keep it secret from? The father (cancer victim) and his wife. Basically, dad goes into hospital after routine check up shows abnormalities and doctors find cancer. The (only) son decides not to tell his father and mother because they went through the Holocaust. They conspire with the doctors (under rabbinic guidance, don’t you worry) to pretend all is well and to hide the fact that the medicine is chemotherapy etc. (first he takes a pill and later after that doesn’t work chemo) Because of this the father lives 3 more years when the expected time is 9-12 months.
Is this ever okay? Or even as the article claims a laudable practice?


*If anyone has a copy of the article, if they can scan it in and send it to me I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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