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fayaMy buddy @MarkSoFla emailed me this link yesterday, knowing how interested I am in everything to do with mikvah. It is a clip of a Lubavitch woman explaining on the Tyra Banks show the importance of family purity, mikvah, and how we ascertain the right time to go.

This link appears to be going viral. I have since received it from a number of sources, and seen people put it up on their facebook.

While I think she did a great job with her explanation, I am wondering if the Tyra Banks show was an appropriate venue for explaining this mitzvah that goes so much deeper than you can explain in a short sound bite.

If you notice, here on my blog, there are some things I do not delve into the details about. Most of what she talked about is so private and personal, and for one not schooled in these matters, well, they could perhaps jump to conclusions about various aspects of the practice of the mitzvah. The last thing I want is some random person asking me about internal checks.

Now, I understand Chabad has a way of presenting mitzvoth to the world in a way that makes them accessible to all. Judaism is welcoming, we are not hiding anything that we do…But I think this was going too far.

What do you think?

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Chuppah – revisited

So I recently had a chat with an old friend (you know who you are) who is fortunate enough to be getting married soon, for the second time. We were talking wedding plans etc. My friend was told that their kids are allowed to be at the Chuppah whilst I was not allowed to have my kids there for the ceremony. The reason I was given was that the children’s neshama (soul) still wishes deep down for his / her parents to get back together again, so you don’t make a fresh bond with negative vibes in the room. I was told this is of kabbalistic origin. My friend is getting married under the auspices of Chabad. Does this make a difference?

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Seven Seventy

(disclaimer, I have nothing against Lubavitchers, please do not take this as a personal criticism, just my humble opinion)


I don’t get it, I really don’t. I took a little trip tonight to 770, Lubavitch headquarters, home of the fabled Lubavitcher Rebbe who may or may not have died. (poor taste joke from my son – why were the police called to the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s grave? There was a death threat…..) Unfortunately, being that I am but a lowly female I was not allowed into the main area of the beis hamedrash, BUT was blessed to be allowed to watch the men learn from the ladies section.


The late rebbe’s shtende was pointed out to me, as was his chair and his siddur. It was explained to me that at davening times the carpet is rolled out, the chair pulled back and the siddur opened to the right spot. The man died, he was actually buried….why are these people carrying on as if he is there. I mean, isn’t this mass denial? Doesn’t it sound ever so cultish? Maybe I just don’t get the whole meshichist thing, but wasn’t Rabbi M M Schneerson a person of flesh and blood just like you and me, who was called to his Maker at the appointed time? Who decided he was Mashiach? I am sure he didn’t. From all I have heard he was a very humble man who probably wouldn’t go in for this yechi adonenu moreinu verabeinu stuff.


I did a Wikipedia search on 770 and learned that it was originally a medical clinic that was closed down due to the performing of illegal abortions. It was bought in 1940 by Agudath Yisrael Chabad. I just find that piece of history very interesting. From abortions to everlasting life…..


Part of me was hoping that being there would be spiritually moving in some way, maybe I could daven there for the right man to come along on his white horse……but nothing moved me there. I just felt extremely cynical. And that bothers me.