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Cholent Poll

Does your cholent have potatoes in it, yes or no?

From where does your family originate?

(DY – this is for you…well, only if it proves my point!!)

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Crock Pot Clean Up

Before every Shabbat I make cholent in my gigantic crock pot. Every Saturday night it is incumbent on me to soak the thing for hours until the crud that stuck to the sides is ready to come off. It is not a task I look forward to.

I wanted to make Crock Pot Jambalaya for dinner tonight, so I needed to get my crock pot all cleaned up to cook again, and the cooked in stuff was not loosening as fast as I needed it to.

So I googled and am now trying something new. I cleaned it as best I could. I filled it with water ¾ of the way, with vinegar the other ¼ of the way, and have put it to “cook” on low for 2 hours. Apparently this will make the burnt stuff slide off easily. There is another hour to go and I am hoping this will work.

What are your tips for cleaning your crock pot? Some have suggested those liners, but my crock pot is too big, a friend also suggested using a roasting bag instead…Any other tips?


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Hadassah’s Easy Peasy Cholent

All measurements approximate as I do this now with my eyes closed

I usually make this around 11 o’clock on Friday so that it should be ready for Shabbat lunch 24 hours later. It makes the house smell so darn good when you wake up Shabbat morning.


Meat (we like to use veal shank bone – like a marrow bone but with meat around it.)

a cup of cholent beans

a cup and a half of pearled barley

3 large potatoes cubed (my kids like it better when i buy the canned round potatoes)


Barbeque sauce



garlic powder





Eggs, place on top after you have put water in.

Kishke – buy frozen, wrap in silver foil and place on top.

Marrow bones, wrapped individually in tin foil so the marrow doesn’t fall out when cooked. I spread the marrow on challah, add salt – slurperriffic.

How to

Spray inside of crockpot with Pam (or use one of those liner thingies, making sure to put water in pot first)

Pour in barley, spread it out.

Do the same with the cholent beans.

Place Meat on top in centre, spread potatoes around on top

Squeeze in sauces

Add salt, and pepper

Plenty of garlic and paprika, and a scootch more just to be sure.

Lots of love – adds flavour.

At this point you add the eggs or kishke or bones, or all three.

Cover with water, turn on low.

About two hours before Shabbat check the water level – the barley will have absorbed a lot of it. if necessary add some water. not too much, you don’t want it too soupy. not too little, you don’t want it too burnt. then stir gently.

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