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Verizon Came Through!

A week ago I was practically shaking in frustration with my phone issues. Two dead phones in two days. A crappy customer service experience at the Verizon Store. I tweeted Verizon – every single twitter handle that they had. To their credit they did respond on Twitter, however the person who handles their social media did not actually take the time to read the tweets, or the blogpost they linked to, so therefore did not understand the gravity of the situation.

I looked online for Verizon Customer Service emails. I sent similar emails to Motorola. I even tweeted Motorola (who manufacture the phone) and a week later there has still been no response.

A friend provided me with the email address of someone in Executive Relations at Verizon. I figured, what could it hurt to email them too?! So many people online told me not to bother with trying to find a solution to my phone issue, to just suck it up, because they said that Verizon doesn’t care.


On Thursday I received an email from executive relations. With a person’s name and phone number, asking a time that we could schedule the call. She called Monday morning. We spoke briefly and she told me that at no charge to me she was upgrading me to the Droid 4 and would be sending me a new Droid 4 free of charge. She apologized for all the aggravation more than once. She told me I can use her direct line anytime for any issues I may have with the new phone or with service and that she will do her absolute best to help me. Seriously, I was blown away. I did not expect a new phone, let alone an upgrade to the 4.

This is customer service at its best. I just wish that the people at the Verizon store could get a lesson in customer relations because they sorely need it.

My phone arrived Tuesday afternoon. I inserted the SD card and the SIM card , and booted it up. And it didn’t work. I started to have palpitations. KoD calmly suggested (how does he always stay so calm all the time?) to call Customer Support for help. They were wonderful, and had me activate the SIM card through their phone system and I was good to go.

So far I love the keyboard – much more space between the keys, and no need for num lock to do the numbers. It even has a Caps Lock too. The screen is clearer and bigger, and the camera can be forward facing and backward facing too.

Sometimes reaching out because of a bad experience doesn’t get you anywhere, and sometimes it can get you the result you want. Never give up – the customer should always be right.

Well done, Verizon. You made this bad situation better.

Verizon Customer Service FAIL

I am fit to be tied. Phone died, they ordered me a new one (see yesterday’s post). It arrived today. Set it up, installed all my apps. Yay. Connected once more.

After two hours my phone started to overheat. Plus it refused to charge. Plus the SD card wasn’t recognized.

Back to the Verizon store. Oh, ok, we’ll order you a replacement phone. NO. I don’t want a replacement refurbished piece of junk phone. I want a new phone that actually works. The DROID 2 Global has many known issues – the dude at the Verizon store admitted as much to the KoD. The manager was not nice at all. No give in her. No understanding of my frustration. Tried to blame us for the phone not working. “We can’t do anything. If you want a new phone”, she says, “you can pay full price”.

Listen. I bought a new phone not even 12 months ago. The phone that I had to return today was the 4th phone, the 4th Droid 2 Global in my possession. All I did was turn it on and it misbehaved.

All I want is a phone that works and does all it’s supposed to do. I don’t want a piece of useless junk. I really feel they should have upgraded me to the DROID 4 – a goodwill gesture. But no. Policy dictates that the customer has to get screwed.

I am ticked off beyond belief. I pay through the nose for my cellphone service and what the heck do I get for it? Total aggravation. I will be speaking to corporate, mark my words. I will be putting as much pressure on Verizon as I can so that they replace my phone with a NEW (not refurbished) phone that will work like a dream.

I am 1000% sure this would not have happened at the Apple store.