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And the tongues were wagging

I went out to dinner with a girlfriend (Empress CaresALot) last night to celebrate our receiving an appointment date for our visas. Because we had been waiting to do this for a long time we decided to go to one of the upscale kosher joints in Montreal – Morty’s. Empress CaresALot and I love to eat steak (we talk about dead cow all the time) and Morty’s is a phenomenal steakhouse.

A couple in their late 20s entered during our meal and were seated near us. He was wearing a kippah and promptly went to perform the ritual hand washing for bread. He made the bracha. Religious. Observant. Impressive.

Not too long after, we were treated to the display of him bending over his wife or girlfriend with his tongue thrust down her throat for an extended excruciating moment. I would not have objected to noticing him peck her on the cheek, or even briefly on the lips, I might even have thought that was cute, but this was a full on French kiss with absolutely no one in the room doubting that he could take it to the next level there and then. It was uncomfortable. I didn’t want to look but it was like a train wreck – you just couldn’t look away.

If he had not been wearing a kippah and not washed for bread would we have been so shocked? Probably. It was not the place to behave in such a manner. This isn’t a nightclub. It’s a kosher restaurant where people go out to have a civilized meal. The fact that he had the outward trappings of an observant Jewish male just added salt to the wound. Somehow one does expect more of someone who is identifiably “religious”. But where is the sense of decorum? Can you not go anywhere these days without being confronted by inappropriate behaviour? Do people not get taught anymore how to behave in public?

We didn’t allow this to ruin our meal and soon got back into our conversation, but oh how it rankles me just thinking about it now.

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