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Dinner was Smokin’

We just got back from a wonderful dinner at Morty’s Steakhouse. I am sure I have blogged about eating there before. Truly, their steaks are magnificent. Delectable. Delicious. Scrumptious. Perfection. I had an awesome time with the KoD. I totally enjoyed the apple martini the barman made for me.

I was mildly irritated by the incessant ringing of another diner’s phone, but I tried hard to ignore it. What really ticked us off was a guy walked through the restaurant to the bathrooms with a lit cigarette in his hand. He stood in plain view at the entrance to the bathroom, right near the kitchen, taking the last few puffs of his cancer stick.

It is against the law in Quebec to smoke in restaurants and public places. That’s a fact that doesn’t even allow for personal preference. I don’t like being confronted with cigarette smoke as I dine. Luckily we had finished eating and were waiting for the bill, so it wasn’t worth making a song and dance, but had we been in the midst of eating we would have complained.

What bothers me is that the waiters were passing him multiple times on their way in and out of the kitchen, and they could not have failed to notice that he was smoking, yet they said nothing. I watched. He stood there smoking nonchalantly, and got away with it.

Have you been in a similar situation? What did you do? How would you have handled it?

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My favourite time of day

My favourite time of day is dinnertime, with the kids. After their long day at school, I love to sit down, every night, as a family and just connect with them. I cook most nights. Although sometimes the boys like to do the cooking. Their standard fare is hot dogs and French fries though – they will learn!!

I love the banter (hate the fighting) and the babble of voices. Oftentimes, like tonight, at least one of them will bring a friend home for dinner, especially if they have to go back to school for night seder. I always wonder what their friends think being sat at our rowdy table where I rarely ban any topic of discussion.

Tonight the children were talking about getting a dog, who would have to walk it, and there was much discussion about poopage and who gets to clean it up. Arguments ensued until I gently reminded them that we did not yet have a dog, so all arguments were moot. This was after I got told that a certain kid refused to eat lasagna because it looked like it was already digested….

If we were a reality show, would people tune in? Would people really believe that a family sits down every night together for dinner, without iPods, and phones – and works on keeping a connection open? Do you have family dinners in your home?

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