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Verizon Customer Service FAIL

I am fit to be tied. Phone died, they ordered me a new one (see yesterday’s post). It arrived today. Set it up, installed all my apps. Yay. Connected once more.

After two hours my phone started to overheat. Plus it refused to charge. Plus the SD card wasn’t recognized.

Back to the Verizon store. Oh, ok, we’ll order you a replacement phone. NO. I don’t want a replacement refurbished piece of junk phone. I want a new phone that actually works. The DROID 2 Global has many known issues – the dude at the Verizon store admitted as much to the KoD. The manager was not nice at all. No give in her. No understanding of my frustration. Tried to blame us for the phone not working. “We can’t do anything. If you want a new phone”, she says, “you can pay full price”.

Listen. I bought a new phone not even 12 months ago. The phone that I had to return today was the 4th phone, the 4th Droid 2 Global in my possession. All I did was turn it on and it misbehaved.

All I want is a phone that works and does all it’s supposed to do. I don’t want a piece of useless junk. I really feel they should have upgraded me to the DROID 4 – a goodwill gesture. But no. Policy dictates that the customer has to get screwed.

I am ticked off beyond belief. I pay through the nose for my cellphone service and what the heck do I get for it? Total aggravation. I will be speaking to corporate, mark my words. I will be putting as much pressure on Verizon as I can so that they replace my phone with a NEW (not refurbished) phone that will work like a dream.

I am 1000% sure this would not have happened at the Apple store.