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Osama Bin Laden is dead – stream of consciousness

As I am sure you all heard, the US killed Bin Laden last night and buried him at sea.

While I am comforted that the world is now free from this evil man, how can we celebrate the death of anyone? The world is a better place for sure, but it’s not like with his death there is no more terror.

And what am I supposed to explain to my son who asked me why he was executed without a trial? “Even Eichmann had a trial, Ima”. That some people are so evil they don’t deserve due process? Who decides that?

We cannot celebrate the murder of anyone – we criticize those Palestinians who celebrate the deaths of Israelis murdered by Hamas, and pass out candies to show their joy – is that who we want to be?

His death needs to give us pause, time to reflect, time for those who lost family members, friends and coworkers at his hands to feel a sense of closure and finally move ahead with their lives.