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My favourite time of day

My favourite time of day is dinnertime, with the kids. After their long day at school, I love to sit down, every night, as a family and just connect with them. I cook most nights. Although sometimes the boys like to do the cooking. Their standard fare is hot dogs and French fries though – they will learn!!

I love the banter (hate the fighting) and the babble of voices. Oftentimes, like tonight, at least one of them will bring a friend home for dinner, especially if they have to go back to school for night seder. I always wonder what their friends think being sat at our rowdy table where I rarely ban any topic of discussion.

Tonight the children were talking about getting a dog, who would have to walk it, and there was much discussion about poopage and who gets to clean it up. Arguments ensued until I gently reminded them that we did not yet have a dog, so all arguments were moot. This was after I got told that a certain kid refused to eat lasagna because it looked like it was already digested….

If we were a reality show, would people tune in? Would people really believe that a family sits down every night together for dinner, without iPods, and phones – and works on keeping a connection open? Do you have family dinners in your home?

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