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Genetics Win Every Time

I pride myself on being one of a kind, of being myself – not modeled after anyone, just me.

It first happened four years ago when I was looking for a wedding dress. I was at the mall and walked past a mirror in a store. I stopped dead in my tracks. What the heck was my mother doing in Montreal without telling me she was coming? Took me a few seconds to realize I was looking at myself in the mirror. When did I start to look like her? All my life I have been convinced I took after my father’s side of the family, but here, right in front of me, was proof that it wasn’t the case. At all.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother. I just never thought in a million years that her face would be staring back at me from my own reflection.

Last Friday I had to go do biometrics (fingerprints) as I have to renew my Green Card. They took a new ID photograph too. Again I had that double take. My son even said it too. I also see a little of my maternal grandmother in me too.

It’s amazing how genetics will always have their way – I am me, I am myself, but part of that self is being the descendant of phenomenally strong women, so to have that reflected in my looks – that’s a good thing.

Who do you look like? How does that make you feel?


When people talk about shidduchim the term “normal family” is bandied about. However, normal means something different to everyone. To me, growing up, a normal family was one that had a mother AND a father in the same house. Didn’t matter if they fought like cats and dogs. However in this context, I do wonder what it means. Normal – as in no skeletons? Find me ONE family that has no skeletons in their closet. Normal as in Shomrei Mitzvot – keeping the commandments?

So what does “normal family” mean to you?

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Sorry Kid, I need to ignore you for a while…NOT!!

You see, apparently I am so obsessed with building my reputation, my “brand” as a mommy blogger that I am neglecting my kids.

An article, entitled “Honey, Don’t Bother Mommy. I’m Too Busy Building My Brand” was published in the NYT recently and it is the most ridiculous load of codswallop I have ever read.

The author lumps us all together, how we are all in it for the money (what money, pray tell?) and the furtherance of our careers, and we are all about the SEO and stuff like that.

Yes I hang out on twitter and facebook for inspiration and friendship, yes I blog, yes I am a mommy, yes I am a writer hoping one day to have a career in that field. Do you know what inspired me to develop my writing talents? There are 4 reasons – my sons. (Well 5 – my husband too). Writing about them preserves the memories forever. Raising them has given me perspective on so many different things. I would not be who I am without them. Not even close.

I hate the term “mommy blogger”. I write about other things than my kids. But that’s really who I am.  My boys are my raison d’être and there is no way on this earth that I would put money or blogging before them or my husband.  My children are the most awesome children in the world, and I choose to share this with the blogosphere. Having a blog has enabled me to enlarge my social circle and learn from other moms and dads. If eventually it makes money – who will benefit? Not just me, the whole family will.

I just didn’t appreciate the tone of the article. The author visited a mommy blogger conference, buddied up with the ladies there, and then shot them down in her article.

“Teaching your baby to read? Please. How to hide vegetables in your children’s food? Oh, that’s so 2008.

The topics on that day’s agenda included search-engine optimization, building a “comment tribe” and how to create an effective media kit. There would be much talk of defining your “brand” and driving up page views.

You know. For your blog.”

The tone at the beginning of the article, some of it quoted above, was dismissive. But those last five words that I quoted just total got my dander up. Pooh poohing mommy blogs. Like we are a waste of space.

My kids are proud of my blog. They ask me daily what I wrote about and how many people came over to comment and chat. It starts many interesting discussions around the dinner table (dinner which I cooked, and shopped for myself, oh the horror). They tell people their mother is a writer and cooks better than anyone. What more could one want??!

I am a Mommy Blogger and I rock!!

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Food Poll

grocery1Help me out here. I am doing a very informal poll amongst those of us who do the shopping, or most of it,  for the family. How much do you spend per person per week just on food. Please say if you are kosher, vegetarian etc. How many meat meals per week do you serve? What is the age spread of the people in your house? If you have teenagers – how do you manage to keep them fed? Do boys eat more than girls? What is your cheapest meal to make, but that satisfies all the people in your house? Do the kids eat school lunches, or do they pack a lunch? Is there anything else you want to add – any tips and tricks?

Edited to Add – please pop over to fill out the Jewish Economics Survey, and check out the posts on SerandEz about the economic future of the Jewish Community.

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