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Modest Dressing

Taking a page out of Chaviva’s book who took it out of her friend’s book….I figured I would do a fashion piece, see what you people think of the feature and decide if it will be a regular occurrence or not.

Modestly Dressed

So, today we have a school interview, and I need to make sure all the bits and pieces that need to be covered are indeed covered. I am wearing the panty hose and closed toe shoes and have a wig on my head and minimal makeup. Basically – not trying to be “in your face” – going for a demure look…. Not quite sure I get there.

So let’s start:

Sheitel: Kiki

Sunglasses: Rabbis Harley and Davidson

Shell (slinky black teeshirt that cannot be worn on its own as it is too tight) – I bought it some place in Flatbush, 2 years ago, to go under a simcha dress that had a low neckline.

Suit: I bought it online at Junees.com and I love it. You can dress it up, dress it down…

The detailing on the jacket

detailing on the skirt

Shoes: Walmart’s finest, 3 years ago.

I love these shoes

This outfit (other than the wig) cost less than $100 to put together. The suit was $69, shell $15 and the shoes $9.99.

I love this outfit and would love to have something similar in a different colour, but have not been able to find one…

If you own / run a clothing company and wish to sponsor a future edition of Modest Dressing, please email me at InThePinkBlog at gmail dot com. Thanks