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Flu Shots

So now that I have health insurance, and don’t have to pay out of pocket for a flu shot, I have been thinking about it. Up in Canada only the very young, the old and the sick were able to get a flu shot, and even if you wanted to pay for it out of pocket, you would have to wait until the priority cases got their shots to see if there were any left over.

I was at the MD today (getting cortisone cream for my face after what happened last week) and they had a lot of people coming in for the shot. I thought that seeing as I was there I may as well do it. But then again, I am not someone who often gets the flu, and when I have had the shot in the past I recall getting sick from it.

So I didn’t go ahead with it. I can go any time and get it, so IF I do decide to have it, it won’t be a problem.

What are your thoughts? I know there are those people who are against vaccinations of any kind. I don’t want to get into that here, today. Let’s just stick to the flu shot – does it work? Doesn’t it? What’s been your experience? Would you? Why? Why not?

Got shot?

As of today, Canada is doling out the H1N1 vaccination. There is a priority as to who gets the vaccinations first. People with chronic medical conditions under the age of 65; Pregnant women (after 20 weeks gestation); Children six months of age to under five years of age; People living in remote and isolated settings or communities; Health-care workers involved in pandemic response or who deliver essential health services; Household contacts and caregivers of individuals who are at high risk, and who cannot be immunized (such as infants under six months of age or people with weakened immune systems).

Dr. David Butler-Jones, Canada’s chief public health officer said “Keeping in mind that we’ve ordered enough vaccine for every Canadian that needs and wants to be immunized, our basic approach is to ensure that those that need it most get it first.”

I am not sure whether or not I plan to vaccinate my children or not, or even to get the vaccine myself. A friend told me seeing as I am still finishing antibiotics my body is too weak to get the vaccine, another told me not to take it as the side effects and risks have yet to be quantified. I don’t actively seek to stick my kids with needles – are they at risk of H1N1 more so than regular flu? Right now I am more concerned with the mumps that seems to have hit their school than with the threat of something seemingly abstract.

Are you vaccinating? Why? Why not? Let’s have a discussion.

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