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You’re still here?

Why is it that so many people greet me with “oh you are still here?”!! Yes I am still here. Obviously, because I am standing here IN FRONT OF YOU you ninny!! I guess though, that it’s better for them to say that than “Oh, you are still here, so sorry your marriage didn’t work out” – I got that last week from some old biddy at the grocery store. Obviously if I am still here, in her mind, it couldn’t be any other reason than a failed marriage. Statistics on second marriages are so bleak. Barf!

I feel like hanging a freaking sign around my neck saying “The US government has not yet issued our visas, so yes I am here, but I will be outta here and away from obnoxious folk such as yourselves as soon as I possibly can. Ask me any question about why I am still here and I will take your poxy question and shove it where the sun don’t shine, got it??” Sad thing is it wouldn’t deter some people.

Z! suggested handing out business cards with my blog address on  – tell them to keep track of me online and stop hassling me in public. But that would totally cut into their gossip. “You know I saw HSM today – she is still here. I wonder what happened?” – it would take hours of time away from speculation and rumour-mongering.

Truth be told, I just smile and say “Yes. Just waiting for papers to come through” and I change the topic. But it chafes because I am frustrated at the situation. I know people mean well. But I am not still here by choice.

Someone suggested I give answers with shock value – such as “My husband tires me out so much when we are together that I just needed a break so I came back” or “I’ll move when I have finished my community service that I was given for assaulting nosy people like you”.

How would you answer?

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