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Thankfully I am not often required to attend funerals – most people in my age bracket are the same I would guess. But when I am planning to attend a funeral I know how to behave. Behaviour also includes the way one dresses too, in my mind.


I was just running errands and drove past the local funeral home, and people were streaming out. I was shocked at the number of people who had been wearing jeans or tight leggings along with low cut tops. This is a solemn occasion – not a visit to a nightclub – surely it isn’t too much to ask for people to dress respectfully. A dear friend or relative, or someone you care about, has passed away and you cannot even take 5 minutes to make sure you dress appropriately?


Maybe I am a stick in the mud, but if I knew I was going to meet the Queen or the President or the Prime Minister today I would definitely dress in a more conservative manner than usual – to show them respect. A funeral is as important an occasion, if not more so. I just feel these people show a distinct lack of respect for the dear departed. It bothered me deeply. Has the world come to such a place where nothing is holy anymore?