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Who are YOU to censor ME?

The other day I had an interesting exchange on twitter. I had just posted about whether I should cut my hair or not, and how much the KoD loves my hair. This gentleman took exception to it. I tweeted about an email I had received telling me it was not modest for me to blog about my hair – and that I was ticked off. This guy responded. I amalgamated his tweets into the following: (spelling mistakes all his)

I don’t know I kind of felt uncomfortable reading it & don’t think I’d like it if my wife shared that about me. I think it is ok as a woman-to-woman discussion but not in public posted for all to see IMHO. obviously I’m not poskining [making a legal ruling] here. Just telling you how I feel as a guy who loves his wife’s hair. I felt like you shared an intimate part of your relationship. Afterall why do u cover your hair? I could be oversensative. I really like long hair & am sensative to my wife repeating what I say to her in private. Quest bcomes is it enough if ur hub gives permission. It may still not b approp if ur audience is uncomfortable & rav says no.

I asked the KoD if he felt that I was sharing something intimate about him, the fact that he loves my long hair. He said he could understand how this fellow might see it that way, but that it didn’t bother him at all. (and it isn’t like I asked him “permission” to blog about it. Whenever I blog about him I usually ask if it’s ok, but most of the time I know what he is comfortable with and what he isn’t. When in doubt I ask)

What bothered me most about the exchange was how offended he seemed to be, this twitter dude. If it offends you, don’t read it. Don’t presume to tell me what I can and cannot write about. And do not tell me to consult my rav before I blog. I do not consult my rav before everything I do. (and that’s another blog post in and of itself). The majority of my readers were so not offended – except for that email and this twitter dude himself.

This still doesn’t sit right with me. It isn’t like I was discussing intimate details of our married life in public, which is something so totally private that I would never share. I feel like other women could sympathize with my dilemma, and that other men could perhaps use this post to understand some things their wives go through.

What are your thoughts?

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I hate my hair

I want to cut it all off. Right now it is past my shoulders. It isn’t curly, but it’s more than wavy. It’s going slightly grey, but thank God for Clairol. KoD loves my hair. Every time I talk about cutting it he flinches. Of course, he tells me it’s my hair, it’s up to me what I do with it.

If I didn’t keep it covered most of the time it would be in better condition. I would spend more money on keeping it styled and coloured and de-greyed. But it would probably be in a chin length bob.

So what do I do? I like the fact that my husband loves my hair. I would hate to cut it and see sadness in his eyes, even though it would make me happy to have better looking (to me) hair. I know he loves me, long hair or not. It isn’t my hair that makes me who I am. However it is a large part of my religion, as covering it is something I do every day, due to the fact that I believe that as a married woman I should cover my hair.

To be selfish or selfless? Help me out here….

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