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The Chief Rabbi’s Prayer for Haiti

To be recited this Shabbat. Will your shul recite it? (OK granted this was distributed to shuls in the UK, but there is no reason other shuls cannot adopt this prayer)

Adon ha-olamim

Sovereign of the universe,

We join our prayers to the prayers of others throughout the world, for the victims of the earthquake which brought destruction and disaster to Haiti and took so many lives.

Almighty God, we beseech you, send comfort to the bereaved, and healing to the injured.

Be with those who are engaged in the work of rescue. Grant strength to those who see to the needs of the injured and sick, give shelter to the homeless, and who provide sustenance to those in need.

Almighty God, we recognise how insignificant we are, and how helpless in the face of nature when its full power is unleashed.

Open our hearts in prayer and our hands in generosity, so that by our actions we may bring comfort, healing and support.

Help us now and all humanity as we seek to do what we can by helping people reconstruct their broken lives.

Ken Yehi Ratzon, ve-nomar.


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School Survey – Haiti Tragedy

Our school has done exactly nothing (that I am aware of) to raise money for Haiti. For shame. My boys have each made donations from their own money at our local kosher grocery store. Just because the school is doing nothing, it doesn’t mean my children should not be aware of the tragedy.

What have your kid’s schools done to raise money and awareness of the situation in Haiti? And what type of school is it?

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Blatant Racism and Judgmentalism

Every store I went to today (other than the Jewish ones (and that’s a rant in and of itself)) had signs saying they accept donations for Haiti. In Canada the Canadian government is matching every donation dollar for dollar.

I am sick to my stomach and deeply ashamed of a fellow co-religionist. I was standing in line at the Walmart waiting to pay for my items, and chatting with the lady behind me, a member of the tribe. I don’t know her personally, but recognized her from “around”. When it was my turn to pay, I asked the cashier to please add a 10 dollar donation to the Red Cross to go to Haiti. The cashier thanked me very much. The MoT that was behind me came up to me and in a loud stage whisper said in a scathing tone “do you really want to give all your money to the schvartzers when there are Jews starving here at home?”

I was just so shocked and stunned that I couldn’t even think of an adequate retort. The racism shouldn’t really shock me. Unfortunately that’s something that many people in the community suffer from, and it sickens and saddens me. My children get their mouths washed out with soap if they ever say derogatory terms like that, for any ethnic group. By now, they know better. Unfortunately, a lot of their classmates do not. That being said, we are all Hashem’s creations. We are all God’s children. How dare someone say one person’s life is worth more than that of another? What ever happened to “whoever saves one life it’s as if he has saved the world?” Are people that close minded and tunnel-visioned that they don’t see this terrible Haitian disaster for what it really is – a colossal tragedy on an unimaginable scale? How can anyone judge another person for where and how they decide to give their charity? How does this woman know that I don’t support the local Jewish poor? How does she know anything about me? How can she fail to be moved by the human suffering over there? Fine, if she doesn’t want to donate, that’s totally her prerogative, but to criticize someone else?

I am beyond angry.

Please make a donation to the Canadian Red Cross, or your local aid organization. If you have any links to Jewish Organizations who are raising money, please email me or post them here in the comments.

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