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WWYD – friendly hugs

(from a reader)

I had an interesting email exchange recently with a reader, and this WWYD came out of it. This reader is a religious woman, Modern Orthodox with a bit of a right wing twist. She and her husband are friends with a couple who share more or less the same values. These couples have been friends for so long that they are like family. When they meet there are hugs all around. Let’s not get into the whole halachic implications of it all, but that’s what they do. Wife hugs wife, wife hugs other husband. Nothing sexual, just a friendly hello hug.

Lately, this reader tells me, the other wife’s hugs seem to make her (the reader’s) husband uncomfortable. He feels she is overdoing it a little bit and it is no longer just the friendly hug hello.

My friend does not know how she should deal with this. This is a close friendship that she doesn’t want to spoil at all. Her husband says she needs to speak to the wife privately and tell her to just stop with the hugging, and that they all need to cease and desist with the hug hello. (I am just thinking, in Quebec we have the double cheek kiss that means the same as a hug – now THAT I could see being uncomfortable). The reader thinks her husband needs to have a word with the other husband, so he can talk to his wife in the right way so she won’t get offended.


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Simply The Best

I get to start my day with a cuddle from Prince ChatterBox. It is just so yummy. He’ll be 7 on Thursday but still loves to curl up on my lap, put his arms around my neck and snuggle. It is so precious. I appreciate it even more because I know in a few short months / years it won’t happen any more. My two oldest are way too big to sit on my lap and cuddle even if they wanted to, which of course, being teenagers, they totally don’t. Prince HockeyFan still likes a hug in the morning, but not this snuggleupableness that I get with the little ‘un.


It’s enough to get the grumpitude out of anyone.


Early morning cuddles with the little people – total bliss. I am told this will eventually stop. I so enjoy that every time the youngest two wake up they blearily make their way to my room, knock on my door, come in and snuggle up as close to me (and as far from each other) as possible. They are all toasty and warm from sleep, and it’s just the most contented feeling in the world. The older two will occasionally ask for a cuddle, but it’s always brief and to the point, but they are boys, teens at that, so I should be grateful for any kind of affection whatsoever.


I plan to enjoy these early morning cuddles for as long as they last. They are better for me than coffee…….