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To My Sweet Boy on His Sixth Birthday

How the time has flown since that May day

When we welcomed you into our family

You were pulled kicking and screaming into the world

At 4.01 pm, Tuesday afternoon, 6 years ago today,

Weighing in at a hefty 5lbs 12 oz – 18 inches of pure perfection!

You were the easiest baby to take care of

So content and happy, barely cried,

Satisfied to sit in your bouncy chair and watch the big boys

And how they loved to entertain you.

Your baby smiles lit up the room

And caused my heart to perpetually swell with joy.

Your snuggles have improved with age,

Even tho these days you’re not as round and pudgy

As you were back then

But you still give good huggles.

I have watched you grow over the last few years

And been honoured to be a part of it.

You say the sweetest things

And constantly sing to me how much you love me

I particularly love how you say

“Ima, you know I love you” when you know you are in trouble

(I think a certain brother of yours has been giving you lessons

In softening your mother up……)

I love how you lean into me in that special way

When we wait for the elevator on the way to school

And throw your arms around me and just sigh happily.

One of your latest sayings gives me a laugh everytime I hear it

“Ima, here’s a kiss, and it has a thousand kisses inside it”

This has now been dubbed the pregnant kiss.

I love how at night you need a hug AND a cuddle

And only you know how they differ

Most nights you need at least 6 of each

But you always get as many as you want.

You’ve recently told me that the days of kissing you

In front of your friends are over

That you want to keep that private.

My baby is growing up.

You still look at the world with a fresh perspective

Your eyes full of wonder at the beauty of nature.

You still have that pure innocence about you.


I pray, today, that you will continue along this path

Of learning, of becoming a wonderful human being

That you continue to grow your generous spirit

And that your thirst for knowledge is never quenched.

There will always be more to learn

More to do

And Sweetpea, dear child of my heart, please know

Anything that you put your mind to you will achieve

You can do it all, you can succeed in everything.

Most of all, sweet child, I wish you continued joy

Enjoy all that life has to give

Cherish each and every moment for the blessings that they bring.


Dear heart, today and every day I love you

I am blessed to be your mother, and I am proud to call you Son.