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Cool Rider

Lucille comes home for a visit!

(Mum – DO NOT READ!!)

lucilleLast night I got to cross one thing off my life’s to-do list – ride a Harley. KoD had a Harley a while back, and much to my chagrin, sold it before he met me. How was he to know he was soon to meet and marry a Harley fanatic?! She is a beauty, isn’t she? He named her Lucille – how many of you know who or what the original Lucille was?

So the dude who bought her is a friend, and KoD asked him last week if we could borrow her for a couple of days. Of course he didn’t tell me and totally surprised me!! Now, you must understand, hardly any Harley owners lend their bikes. It’s just not the done thing. So this was an extra special favour.

HarleyDude rode her over yesterday. KoD and I were sitting watching some telly and all of a sudden KoD jumps up and says “that’s my bike!” – I couldn’t even hear anything, but his spidey sense was going off. I cannot tell you how excited I was to see her. HarleyDude visited with us a while and we drove him home. We came home, ate a quick supper, KoD davened, and we got changed to go for a night ride.

harley 004O M Goodness Gracious Me!! The KoD came downstairs totally Harleyed up from head to toe. FatBoy boots, black jeans, Harley tee, Harley belt even. Scrumptious. Because he hadn’t ridden her in a while, he took Lucille for a spin around the block a few times, alone, just to adjust to riding her again. I was waiting by the door, helmet on, jumping up and down with excitement. Like a little child. But you must understand, I have dreamed of riding a Hog forever!

Finally he thundered up, and showed me how to climb on safely without burning my leg on the exhaust pipe thingy. You know something, it’s just like climbing on a horse. Except with way more power – 1450 ccs of it! They don’t call a Harley an Iron Horse for nothing!  I grabbed on to his waist, listened to his instructions, and off we zoomed.

I wasn’t nervous at all. KoD has been riding motorbikes for over 30 years – he is a safe driver and I trust him. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have gone riding with him. It’s that simple. He had explained to me that when he leans to take a curve I need to lean with him. I wasn’t even conscious of doing it, it was just so instinctual. Riding locally was fine, we weren’t going fast, and I adjusted to the feel of being on the bike.

harley 006Then we hit the Palisades Parkway and accelerated big time. Wheeeeee!! To me the thrill felt like the adrenalin when you are sitting waiting for the roller coaster to begin. And it just kept getting better. KoD drove so smoothly, was very aware of his surroundings and took no risks. He is the safest rider around.

You know how when you drive along and a bike pulls up next to you at a stop light and you look at it and salivate and think how lucky the driver is that he gets to ride such an awesome bike? We were those people!! What a mind trip!! The boys and I notice Harleys wherever we go, take pictures, send them to KoD and he tells us which model and what modifications were done. Apparently you don’t just buy a Harley and ride it as is.  (You learn something new every day!)

Anyhow, so we rode over into New Jersey, and came home via the scenic route. It was just awesome. I felt so free. I think I had a huge cheesy grin on my face the entire time. Riding on a bike makes you see the scenery differently than in a car, and I think you are just more vigilant and aware. In a car, with the windows closed, you don’t get to come into contact with the sounds and smells of the countryside. Ok, granted, some you don’t want to suffer through, but it’s an added to dimension to one’s experience.

The only problem as far as I see it, is that it’s very difficult to have a conversation with your riding partner without feeling like you are yelling. And your mouth gets dry. And bugs fly up into your face. But it is all so worth it.

I had the ride of my life last night and it was all I imagined it to be and more. Thank you HarleyDude for loaning us Lucille, and thank you to my KoD who is the most awesome husband ever. (any chance of riding her later on, my love? Pretty please?)

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