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Proud of myself

I was up before the alarm. Actually sneezed in my sleep and it woke me. My throat was on fire and my nose running. No fever, so really no excuse to stay in bed and cancel my jog. But it was so toasty warm in bed and very cold outside it.


Nope, I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed for my run – wrapped a scarf tightly around my neck, put on legwarmers (yes I still own some) and a warm hat, shoved a Halls in my mouth and off I trotted.


I really didn’t think I would be this committed – but in my head my reward for jogging is my sole cup of coffee in the day. No jog – no coffee. It balances out…


On our way back we came across the neighbourhood skunk – euw what a disgusting creature. But apparently it is always out foraging at 6 am. We just stayed well away.


Came home, set up the coffee, started waking up the kidlets, processing them through the shower (best to do it while they are still sleepy – they can’t complain too much) and still my coffee wasn’t ready. Ah, forgot to plug it in. Maybe a sign from above not to imbibe? Nah. I plugged that baby in! Ah the sweet nectar of coffee. Mmm mmm good!


Now I am caffeinated, Advil cold and sinus-ed,  and ready to take on the day….woohoo….laundry here I come!!


Oops I did it again!

Well not oops, really. Did the jogging thing again this morning. My muscles ache, I have a strained something or other in my upper inner leg area – it hurts…. Must put ice….Probably just muscles that haven’t been awoken in a very long time.

I am proud of myself for getting up early and doing this. Doing it with a buddy makes me accountable. We both dreamt that we stood the other one up. Imagine that!  This is a pic of us at the end of a half hour walk / jog.jogging2


I got home all hot and bothered and tired from my jog and Prince Squiggy was already up, he voluntarily unlaced my sneakers and brought me OJ with a side of Advil. What a lamb!