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Interesting Find in the Laundry Hamper

Can anyone explain to me how there are folded clothes in the kids’ laundry hamper? Are they finally becoming so aware of my neatness tendencies that they are actually folding their dirty clothes, or are they just too lazy to unpack their clothes after a weekend away, so just bung it in the laundry hamper instead of placing on shelf? My boys? No….. they would never do that!!!


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Invasion of Privacy


As a parent I do a lot of things for my kids. Laundry is one of them. We have all found money, legos and lollipop sticks, tissues etc that all have somehow made it through the washer and drier intact. (well not the tissues – that’s just a huge mess). An acquaintance of mine once washed his passport by mistake!!


I don’t always remember to check pockets in the 20 pairs of pants I get to wash each week, but have told the kids it’s their responsibility to make sure their junk is out of the trousers before they get put in the hamper (it does happen occasionally). Once the clothes are in the hamper, they are fair game, right? So if I find a note in the pocket – I can read it, right, because there is no expectation of privacy. Or not?


My boys are growing up and need more privacy and want me to respect boundaries, as they respect mine. I want to. But….what if I am cleaning up the room and find pants on the floor that need washing. I pick them up to put them in the hamper and come across a bulge in a pocket. Am I invading his privacy by investigating or just doing my mommy jobby? What if, and thank G-d this hasn’t happened, I came across an illegal substance, or even cigarettes, in the pocket? Once you know something you can’t unknow it, but does the child have a right to keep secrets in his pockets until those pockets and their legs need to be washed?


What do you think?

Heinous or Harmless?



I live in an apartment building that has laundry rooms on every floor. When I do my laundry I try very hard to time the loads so that my stuff is not sitting in the machine when someone else wants to do a load. There is someone on my floor who ALWAYS forgets her clothes are in the machine, or is just too busy to get back to the laundry room, and the clothing can sit there for hours.  I very much hate when I have been delayed for someone to take my clothing out of the washer / drier and just pile them on top so they can use the machines. It’s just not in my comfort zone. So I try very hard to show the same consideration to others. But how long is it acceptable to wait for her to remember she was doing laundry – and when does one decide to just empty the machine because you need to use it NOW? Is emptying the machine, when it has finished its’ cycle, so you can use it, heinous or harmless?