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Slice of Life

1. Well, this one is disturbing. I was at the local Walmart doing what one does – spending money on things you were so sure you hadn’t needed before you walked through those doors. I was browsing the lingerie section (such as it is in Walmart) and happened upon a mother and son in the same department. I would say the son was about 40, his mom around 65. My boys would rather stand in the middle of traffic than go with me into the ladies underwear section. Oh the horror! But this son, in the midst of the ladies dept, calls out “Hey, Ma, they have this Triumph bra in a DD. Should fit you nicely”. I think I threw up a little in my mouth. Just too…….weird. Mind you after reading this article, nothing surprises me any more.

2. I had to be on the bus this morning to go to a meeting. Usually the bus drivers are surly and unresponsive here – well that has been my experience anyway. The 535 bus driver this morning was the opposite. Every person that got on to ride his bus was given a cheery Bonjour! or Good Morning. And then a Merci or Thank You once they paid their fare. He greeted everyone enthusiastically. It totally makes a difference to the morning commute. I am sure people are stressed when they get on the bus – having the driver be welcoming helps. I thanked him as I got off the bus, -he smiled, and wished me a good day!

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Victoria’s Secret

A girlfriend of mine was lucky enough to receive a $10 gift certificate for this lingerie chain. Not that $10 dollars would by her more than a tiny scrap of lace, but that’s neither here nor there. A friend of hers was scandalized that she even considered going in there to spend her GC. How can you, don’t you see the terrible way they portray women, as just eye candy, as if all they are to anyone is T and A? As a woman this friend was extremely offended.

The women that pose for VS are paid top dollar and are totally not exploited. They know exactly what they are doing, and have no problem being shown on billboards and magazines across the globe in a state of undress. How else are VS supposed to sell their product if their models couldn’t be photographed wearing the goods?

My opinion? This friend is extremely jealous of these gorgeous bodies (that are totally airbrushed by the way….duh) and knows that her own bodacious bod can never measure up. She hides that under the guise of being socially aware and “feminist” and probably has not even admitted it to herself.

I would agree with her if the company sold cars, and a male friend was only buying the car because of the hot half naked bimbo that was advertising it. Maybe that could be considered as exploiting women? But then again, the model got paid for it….so, I don’t really know.

What do you think?

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