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Internet Woes

My Internet connection has been acting up the past few days. The phone company tells me there are line errors. They had me installing extra filter thingummajiggies on the phone lines, but that didn’t help. It keeps timing out on me. This morning when I awoke I turned on my laptop and I had no connection for two whole hours. Which meant that Wednesday’s Wacky Signs didn’t get posted till later than usual (thanks, people, for the phone calls and emails wondering if I forgot) and it also meant that I got plenty of other non-puter related stuff accomplished today way ahead of time.

The Bell technician will be here today between 12 and 6. My bet is that he will be here closer to 6 than to 12 but you never know. So I am trying to squeeze in all my errands this morning, as well as doing laundry. The boys have a chore list to work through.

Hopefully this will be a productive day. I just need my Interwebz back….

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BB, I miss you!

As you all know we are moving down south shortly. Very shortly, right, Uncle Sam? Anyway, in preparation for the move, I wanted to get a US Cell phone. It actually is cheaper to have a US phone, add a data plan for Canada etc, than to pay for the plan I already have.

But I had a contract with Ma Bell that they told me to get out of would cost me mucho moola. So I Craigslisted my BlackBerry Curve and hunkered down to wait for someone to take it off my hands.

Last night a very nice young student did just that. We called Ma Bell, dealt with the red tape which was surprisingly easy, and Bob was my uncle.

I wiped the BlackBerry of all my personal data – a must if you are selling / passing on a phone. I am bereft. I have to actually check my email on the computer. I cannot PIN nor BB Msgr my KoD until I have replaced the phone when I am next back in the States. I am unreachable unless I am home. Weird.

Remember a year ago when I got it? I did not realize then that I would fall in love with this hand held piece of technology. And what do I do to my love? I trade it in for a newer model which I have not met yet. How shallow can I be? Oh PoisonBerry I miss you!!

So the discussion now is which model to get. I really wanted a Curve because that’s what I am used to AND it comes in pink. But KoD says that the Blackberry Tour is so much better and has much better features. I will have to go to the Verizon store to check them out, but I liked the size of the Curve. It is thin and streamlined. The Tour seems to be thicker and more masculine and comes in Henry Ford’s colours “You can have any colour so long as it’s black”.

My twitter buddy, @hilzfuld, who is a techie kind of guy, recommends the Bold 9000 because of the Wifi and 3G capabilities, best screen and best keyboard. Of course I had to ask him what the heck all of that stuff means – can it get phone calls, email, text messages and does BB Msgr work on it? What the heck else do I need, do I want bells and whistles?

So Blackberry people – hit me with your recommendations. And if you are lucky enough to have had my cellphone number and PIN – delete delete delete. I will get back to you with the new ones soon enough.

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