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My face

I am continually asked about what products I use on my skin to keep it looking so youthful. It is at this point that I am supposed to say that I spend thousands of dollars per year on certain creams, and slather them all over my face before bed, so that I can wake up looking so fresh and beautiful. But that would be misleading.

Genetically (thank you Mum) I have great skin. I barely suffered from acne as a teen. I didn’t really start wearing make-up until I was 16 or 17, and even then I didn’t really need it.

I have been blessed with the English Rose complexion. I play it up, but minimally. At a minimum I always wear eyeliner – probably too much, but I feel as if my eyes would get lost if I didn’t. Plus I want to draw attention away from my fat bottom lip, courtesy of my Sabo genes, not collagen injections. I will not leave the house without eyeliner on. On a regular day when I want to wear a little more than eyeliner I wear a little blush, some lip balm or gloss, and some concealer on those suitcases and bags I shlepp around under my eyes (genetic too). I wear mascara too, but only occasionally. Sometimes I trade the lip gloss for a deep red lipstick when I feel like playing up my Sabo lips. I only wear Rimmel, Maybelline and L’Oreal products as I have found that they are the best for my sensitive skin.

When I have a function to attend, a wedding or barmitzvah, then I do go all out. In addition to the regular make up I will use foundation and powder, and eye shadow that complements my outfit. To emphasize the lips, I will use a lip liner under the lipstick, and gloss over it.

For a while I did use and sell Mary Kay products, and I loved them. But I do find them pricier than the brands that I use. Although I will say their satin lips lip balm works better at keeping those lips soft and kissable than anything I have ever tried.

I moisturize my face with Vaseline cocoa butter in the morning and at night. That’s it. No cleanser or toner. I take my make up off with cleansing wipes and eye make up remover. I rarely do face masks or facials. I think I did a facial twice. It was fun, but my face broke out afterwards. So, not a fan of doing it again. I keep away from chocolate most of the time, as too much ingestion leads to pimples (and migraines).

I do have wrinkles and laugh lines and I am not interested in getting rid of them. I know I look younger than my age, but that is all natural. My wrinkles and laugh lines tell many stories – and I am proud of how I look. I will never do Botox or collagen injections, nor will I go under the knife for a face lift. I am no Heidi Montag. Shudder.

For me, make up is about enhancing my looks, not disguising them.

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Oh Hush Your Mouth!

I know that having a blog under my own name is a double edged sword. I know that including my email address on my blog is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse. It gives people the ability to moralize at me at will. My twitter page leads to my blog, so if someone wants to find me after seeing a tweet, they can.

I tweeted this morning – “I wish there was a way to get all my make up [on] in 30 seconds….I so cannot be bothered this morning BUT i look like drek warmed over.”

Cue email. Apparently this person has been following my life thru twitter and the blog. She (he?) seems to think that when I am not in the same city as my KoD it is wrong for me to wear make up and make myself look pretty. It’s acceptable for me to get ausgepitzed (tarted up) when he is around because he will benefit. Furthermore, the fact that I want to look nice when he isn’t around apparently is a reflection on my terrible morals – that I want other men to look at me. I guess I should be thankful I didn’t mention the stiletto heeled boots and short skirt I was planning to wear.

So let me get this straight. When our husbands are out of town we have to look awful. We only wear make up and nice clothing for our husbands. We don’t do it for ourselves. We don’t do it so that we can have good self esteem and feel positive about who we are. No. We belong to our husbands and have to bend to their will. Every breath we take is sanctioned by them. Wait, am I even allowed to breathe when KoD isn’t around, or do I have to ask him first? Hang on a sec, where the heck did I put my burka?!

Do me a lemon!!

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