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To be the best

I must have seen at least ten medal ceremonies of the Winter Olympics that just ended yesterday. I mostly watched the ones where the gold medal winners were Canadian. Every time, without fail, I cried as they played the national anthem. I deliberately watched a medal ceremony where it wasn’t Canada who won, just to see if maybe I was just being patriotic, yet I still cried.

I think KoD was a little taken aback with these specific tears – because really, it doesn’t seem logical. I tried to explain to him why I cry, why I am so moved. (He is used to me crying at commercials and movies, and really, pretty much at the drop of a hat….)

Imagine, being the best in the world at something. Working most of your life towards this one goal, that may one day be attainable. Due to hard work, talent, blood, sweat, tears and perseverance, you achieve your goal. To be awarded a medal for that achievement, to have won that medal for your country – that is huge. To be able to tell yourself that you are the best in the world. How many people get that chance in a lifetime? Being crowned the best is truly an awesome moment. Humbling and self-affirming all at once. It is indeed a God-given moment. I cry because I recognize the gift in that moment and my soul is touched.

I know I will never be the best at any sport, nor pretty much the best at anything other than being the best mother and wife. I am totally ok with that. I don’t need a gold medal or a country cheering me on. I am content to know I try my best every single day to be the best me I could possibly be. But what a trip that would be to be awarded a medal for being the best HSM I could be.

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