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Rabbi Mouse?

I just saw this on my Facebook and I just had to ask my readers here. My apartment building has a problem with mice. I hate mice. They make me scream and be all hysterical female which is so not a role I am comfortable with (snortle). I saw a mouse last night. The boys went into saviour mode with brooms and mops. They didn’t find it, so then they tried convincing me I was seeing things (while at the same time teasing their youngest brother that the mouse had found a home in his school bag).

So one of my friends said that her brother had learned in yeshiva in Israel that there was a picture of a certain rebbe you have to put up on the wall in your house, and no more mice. One look, I guess, and they run away. She wasn’t sure which one, but she said that’s what he learned.

Any of you ever hear anything like this before??

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