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Happy Mother’s Day, Now Bring Me Coffee….

It’s Mother’s Day. You are a guy. You wake up and your wife is snuggling herself up to you. Do you:

A)    Just hold her tight and tell her how special she is. OR

B)    Tell her to get out of bed and make you some %$#@ing coffee?

Sigh. Since the KoD and I got married almost 15 months ago, whenever he comes up to Montreal he refuses to make coffee. He is afraid of my swanky coffee machine. He is used to a plain percolator and my machine is a little fancier. He’s a smart man, for sure he could figure it out, but it isn’t worth the aggravation.

This morning, soon after we woke up, he suggested that I get up and make coffee, as we both need it. I looked at him, thinking he was totally joking. I mean, given the snuggling  situation and all – did he really want coffee that badly? Apparently he wasn’t joking. I threw back the covers in a huff, shrugged into my bath robe, and stomped off to the kitchen, throwing insults and epithets over my shoulder. “He’s a grown man and doesn’t know how to make his wife a cup of coffee. On Mother’s Day I have to make my own freaking coffee?!!” If there would have been a stiletto shoe lying around I probably would have tossed it at his head. The nerve!! I switched the lights on in the kitchen and blearily, angrily, reached for the coffee. Propped up against the swanky coffee maker that the KoD refuses to use there is a HUGE envelope that had “Happy Mother’s Day” written on it, in the KoD’s handwriting. The sneaky devil!!

I stomped back to the bedroom, yelling at him with a twinkle in my eye. I called him sneaky and mean and he was laughing his head off. I think I might have pummeled him a time or seven. It was the sweetest card ever – not that I cried or anything….

He loves playing tricks on me, my man, and I fall for them every single time. He so has my number.

A little while later he says to me “this isn’t going to be a blog post is it??”

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Every Day is Mother’s Day – yeah, right!!

Growing up this was not a holiday we celebrated. First of all, in the UK, it is celebrated in March. Secondly, it just wasn’t such a huge hyped up holiday like it is here in North America.

Well, once I had kids I adopted the holiday. It’s not a religious holiday – and it’s so nice to have ONE day a year to be totally appreciated for ALL I do for these little people. When I was married to my kids’ dad he reminded them, bought them cards to sign, presents – he knew it was important to me. Once I became a single mom – well, no one was there to remind the kids that they needed to celebrate me. They certainly would not have been reminded in school.

If we were under the same roof as the KoD he for sure would be taking them in hand to do something special for me. He has already hinted at something that he is doing for me….

Last week I decided to start dropping hints to the boys.

Do you know what’s next Sunday?


It’s a special day.

Oh really? Something to do with you and the KoD?

No….something to do with me and you and your brothers.

Hmmm. Oh yeah…..it’s Mother’s day. My Rebbe says we shouldn’t celebrate it, that every day is Mother’s Day.

I have heard that phrase so many times. Every day SHOULD be Mother’s day. We should appreciate our mothers every single day that they are with us. But the truth of it is that we do not. We take our mothers for granted. Our clothes are washed, our food is cooked, our booboos kissed, monsters chased from under the bed, birthday parties thrown, heartbreaks soothed….. The bills are paid and groceries are bought without us as kids even thinking about it. We outgrow shoes – we get taken to buy another pair. It’s what Moms do and as children, we do take it for granted.

But every day is NOT Mother’s Day. Occasionally the kids will do something that shows they appreciate our sacrifices, and that they have taken a second to consider all we do for them, but those moments are few and far between.

So, yes, I expect at least a card on Mother’s Day, something that shows me that my children have taken a moment to think about me, to think about all I do for them. Is that really so wrong? I think not.

And to my own Mum I say – Thank you for the gift of life, for all that you did for us and sacrificed for us when you were raising us. I know it wasn’t easy (even though we both know I was the perfect child 😉 ) and that you always put us first no matter what. I love you.

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The Eleven Commandments of the Jewish Mother

(shamelessly taken from The Jewish Mother Book by Jim Dale)


  1. I am right, you’ll see.
  2. Eat.
  3. Eat More.
  4. Take my advice, I’m going to continue giving it until you do.
  5. Nothing is clean until I clean it.
  6. Guilt. Pass it on.
  7. No. I don’t have to explain. Just no.
  8. I know everything about everyone. Even the president and movie stars.
  9. You are tired / late / overweight / hungry / thirsty / cold / wrong.
  10. I’m just trying to help.
  11. Be nice to me. I’m going to die soon.

Mother’s Day



This year Mother’s Day falls on May 10. Will you be celebrating (with) your mom? Will your kids be celebrating (with) their mom? What do you do for this special day?


Growing up in England, Mothering Sunday fell in March and the religious people we associated with didn’t really mark it at all. Here in North America many of the religious around me also don’t celebrate it, but its not a religious holiday, so why the heck not?! Any excuse for a party!


Here, in this house, I would love it if it were celebrated more – but the truth is that the kids show me their love and affection every day, and they often tell me how much they appreciate all that I do for them. (they mean it too). They don’t technically need ONE day in the year to say thanks Mom.


However, flowers are nice, cards are nice, especially when all the other moms are getting stuff. I know husbands that are married to the mothers of their kids sometimes go all out – “thank you for birthing and raising my kids, here is breakfast in bed, take it easy, I will do the laundry”. I wish this kind of thing would last for those mothers – one day a year is great, but it needs to happen more often. We have a different dynamic here, so that wouldn’t happen anyway. the kids and KoD spoil me in other ways, so no complaints here!


I think its lovely to have a day to fete our mothers and later in June our fathers. There should also be Brother’s Day and Sister’s Day too.


So what are your plans?