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Rabbi Mouse?

I just saw this on my Facebook and I just had to ask my readers here. My apartment building has a problem with mice. I hate mice. They make me scream and be all hysterical female which is so not a role I am comfortable with (snortle). I saw a mouse last night. The boys went into saviour mode with brooms and mops. They didn’t find it, so then they tried convincing me I was seeing things (while at the same time teasing their youngest brother that the mouse had found a home in his school bag).

So one of my friends said that her brother had learned in yeshiva in Israel that there was a picture of a certain rebbe you have to put up on the wall in your house, and no more mice. One look, I guess, and they run away. She wasn’t sure which one, but she said that’s what he learned.

Any of you ever hear anything like this before??

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I let the side down ;)

My not so militant feminism took a huge hit today. I let it down. I may as well just hand in my membership card and start fluttering my eyelashes again.  I went shopping for a truckload of groceries to feed my hollow-legged army of young men. Haven’t shopped properly in about 10 days so there was a lot of stuff to shlepp. My parking spot is on the other side of the apartment building, in a parking garage that has a makeshift ramp so you can push up the shopping carts full of stuff and take the elevator. Usually I have no problem pushing the cart up myself, although it has fallen off the ramp a time or two…. Mostly when the boys are around it’s their job, but seeing as they had to attend school today (sucks to be them) it fell to me to do.

I tried to push it up the ramp. To no avail. It was way too heavy. My superintendant always helps me, but he just got out of the hospital after 3 weeks suffering from a heart ailment. So I couldn’t ask him. He just happened to walk by, and immediately went back to his apartment to call his wife to help me. Girl Power!!

So I am stood there at the bottom of the ramp with my huge shopping cart full of vittles, and the two furnace guys walk by to  fix the poxy furnace that has been in a mood lately. I asked them, in French no less, to please help me push the cart up the ramp because it is too heavy for poor little moi. I may even have batted an eyelash or two. They were only too pleased to help me out, and save Mrs Superintendant some extra work too.

I still had to shlepp it to the elevator and down the long hallway to the apartment, but at least my back didn’t break this time.

Now comes my second offense. My name is Hadassah and I am such a girl! At 6 am there was a big to-do chez nous. The boys spotted a mouse. And chased it. And failed to catch it before they went off to school. I tried so hard to be nonchalant about it. Maybe I pulled it off. Inside I was quaking. But after their merciless teasing last time, I figured I had better play it cool.

After I had put away the groceries, I decided to straighten up the living room. I moved the couch to sweep under and behind. There was a mousetrap still there from last time. With a dead mouse stuck to it. I screamed. No one around to hear me, yet I screamed. I swept all around it. Cleaned up the rest of the living room and left it there. There was no way I was going to pick that thing up and dispose of it. Every time I looked at it I felt totally skeeved out. I was reminded by Kosher Academic that my boys would be home soon, and I was so thrilled to know that one of my strapping young men would get rid of it for me. Squiggy came home, and I asked him straightaway to dispose of the body.

He looked at me, and said, “Ima, go in your room. I don’t need you fainting”. I had this perverse need to watch him sweep it up. I guess to make sure it was gone?! When he touched it with the broom I yelped. He rolled his eyes. I was accused of being such a girl. Yeah. What’s your point, kid??

He took it to the garbage chute and said goodbye. I sat down relieved. Then he said, almost as an aside, “You know Ima, that was not the mouse we saw this morning. That mouse has been dead for a while and was the wrong colour. Just thought you should know”.

My feet have not touched the floor in an hour. I am scared of a teeny tiny little mouse that I could squish easily. Pathetic.

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I found the mouse

Remember when I was flipping out that we had a mouse, way back when? I was cleaning in the boys’ room today and swept under the radiator. The mousetrap came out with what looked like a ball of fluff attached to it. It was the mouse. Dead. Very dead. Tiny little legs stuck in the air. Pathetic really. And I was scared of that? Sad, very sad.

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Mousey Mousey Come out of your Housey

So I am sitting here in the quiet early morning, savouring my coffee and checking my FaceBook, and out of the corner of my eye I see something small moving. I swung my head around to look and it was a rodent, a rat I thought. I was sure I was seeing things. Then I saw it again and I screamed. I did the whole “stand in the middle of the bed and scream like a banshee while clutching the covers to me” stereotypical thing. Woke up my boys who came running to save me from the rodent monster.

I was a quivering mess, stammering “there’s a rat there’s a rat there’s a rat”. (I am such a wuss) The two oldest quickly got their fly swatter and a garbage pail and stood in wait. After 20 seconds they saw it and started chasing him excitedly, while pointing out to me that it was too small to be a rat, it had to be a mouse. The kids ran all over the apartment chasing it, trying to trap it. I kept imploring them not to kill it, just get it the heck away from me and my brood. I sent one of the others downstairs to get the super.

All the while I am totally freaking out. My little men made total fun of me – “Ima, it’s just a little thing, what are you so scared of?” My little Prince ChatterBox stayed with me and promised to keep me safe, but I just kept feeling my flesh crawl.

It took a long 20 minutes for the super to get here – with his traps and food etc. and during that time a friend called to let me know that mice like to poop in shoes so I should check them – do you freaking know how many pair of shoes I have? And to check them all for rodent droppings? Can’t I just get new ones??

The traps are down, the super also got his little dig in too – as have many other people over twitter and FB. Yes I know it’s a tiny little thing. I know I am bigger than it. I know it can do me no harm. I know that LOGICALLY. Emotionally? – get it the heck away from me right now!!! Now I have to wait for the little mouse to die. I don’t want it to die, I just want it out of here. I don’t do crawly things. I am scared to put my feet on the floor. I so need to shower – I am scared it will pop its head out of the drain. (Over reacting much??)

I don’t think I can be here all day – I will be waiting to hear the click of the mousetrap…. Poor little mousey.

The kids are sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast as if nothing happened – the thought of food right now just nauseates me. But the kids have had the best entertainment in years, and it didn’t cost me a penny. (oh the stories they will tell about their mother in camp today…..)

ETA – while this was happening my oldest also told me I should text the KoD to drive up from Monsey and save me.

KoD texted me : you should get a nice TAIL out of this….

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