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What’s your favourite movie?

movieSo the KoD and I went to the movies last night. We saw “Law Abiding Citizen” which was awesome, yet very scary. My 14 year old son has asked to see it. I doubt I will EVER let him see it. Too gruesome.

So of course this leads to a discussion on favourite movies etc. KoD is very much a typical male in that he only likes to watch a movie once, and that’s it. Us women, well, we can watch a favourite film over and over and over again, and still not be done with it. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched Love Story and I still cry, even tho, KoD, I know what’s going to happen. Maybe it’s a man / woman thing?

So I say to the KoD, but what about our wedding video, you still haven’t seen it. His response, bless him? “But I was there, what do I need to see the video for?!” Le sigh….

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Movies in The three weeks

I am so confused. I was brought up that during this period of mourning on the Jewish calendar we have no parties, host no weddings, don’t listen to music – live or otherwise, even acappella –and there is no going to the movies or to the theatre or any live entertainment. I didn’t grow up ultra orthodox. We were modern orthodox as were many of the people around us.

So last night the new Harry Potter movie came out. My boys didn’t even think to ask me to take them because it’s the three weeks. A no brainer. But in reading FaceBook and Twitter many of my more religious friends did just that – went to the movies to watch it. Now these are people that I would think know that in the 3 weeks we don’t go to movies.

Is it a North American Jewry thing, or am I machmir by default?

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and love, true love………..

please humour me……i am doing research for a piece i am writing – so i would love your opinions. does true love, true romantic love,  exist, or is it only stuff that movies are full of? any stories or anecdotes will be welcome. what does love mean to you? does your religion influence you in your perception? i cannot wait to read what you have to say. Please email me at hadassahsabo@hotmail.com