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WE HAVE A DATE!!! (Immigration Update #654)

I hold in my hot little hands a love letter from the USA Consulate in Montreal. Well, it’s a bit impersonal, but it’s asking me to show up and visit, and to bring the kids!!

We have our appointment in April (of this year) which is further away than we had imagined, but still at least we have something scheduled. It means that we may be free to move by the end of April. There are a lot of decisions to be made, weighing up the pros and cons and everyone’s best interests.

Apparently the interview is the final stage, and that’s when they decide whether or not to let us into the country. It’s really a formality from what I understand.

So I have two months to make sure I have all the paperwork together (that I had ready 6 months ago!!), take more passport pictures, and make some decisions about a moving date. (But technically we are not supposed to take any steps whatsoever to sell houses or end leases or give up jobs, until we possess the visas.)

I have been sitting on this news until the KoD and I could inform the kids together, which we did tonight. I have to say the whole thing has been rather anti-climactic at this point. The kids were excited but seeing as we still don’t have a final moving date it’s hard for them to conceptualize. We just want to be there already. By the time of our appointment it will have been 14 months since we got married. 14 months of waiting. 14 months of limbo. It’s soon over though. Yippee!!

But we are looking at the positive – we have a date, we have an idea of timing and we can start to move forward and plan for happily ever after in Monsey.

Just wanted to let you all know.

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Moving Advice Needed

I have the guy from a local moving company coming over today to give me a quote on how much it would be to pack us up and move us to the States as soon as those darn visas come through. I told him I want three separate quotes. One for packing us up. One for moving all the boxes only. And One for moving boxes and the kids’ beds and a couple of other small pieces of furniture. Our house in NY is furnished so most of my furniture will be sold or given away before we move. I need to figure out what makes more financial sense – to pay for the kids’ furniture to be moved, or to buy them new in NY. I could sell some pieces here for a few bucks. I just need to figure out what’s cost effective and/or the better plan.

I could totally pack up this apartment myself. (Ha!) Well, my friends would all help me, as would the kids. It is an added expense having the movers do it. My thinking is this  -that I could either save money and do it myself, or (if it isn’t too expensive to have them pack me up) do this move as stress free as possible, allowing me to concentrate on supporting the kids though the move without being a humongous ball of nerves. As soon as we get to NY I have to get the kids ready for school and settled. If I am a wreck that will be so much harder.

Last time we moved, three years ago, I was a total mess. It was so stressful and hard and heartbreaking. I think I cried for 3 weeks straight. It was different circumstances, to be sure, but the stress was incredible. Even though this is a move we ALL want, and have been anticipating for months, there is still bound to be a lot of tension.

Help me out here, oh experienced folk.

ETA @RecoveryRabbi on Twitter just told me that when you move long distance the company won’t insure your stuff unless they pack it themselves. Anyone else hear of this?

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7 years? 9 years?

I am doing a major paperwork cleanup today and I pose the question – how long do you need to keep stuff like bank statements etc? I have heard 2 years, 7 years, 9 years. I have also heard that because these days everything is electronic anyway you don’t need to keep a thing.

How long do you keep your bills and statements and cancelled cheques?

…and in other news the kids cannot wait to come home today and start shredding the stuff that needs to be destroyed!!

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Packing Up and Moving

So it’s no secret that the kids and I are waiting patiently for our Visas to come so that we can move lock, stock and barrel to be with our KoD in NY. I have slowly started decluttering, but not having a fixed moving date yet makes it hard to be motivated.

When the visas do come through it will be a whirlwind of packing and boxes and selling furniture etc. I need tips on how to do it all peacefully, calmly, efficiently and without losing my mind. Any help?