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Table Talk

Oy such nachas I am shepping….I think….nope, not yet. Sitting at supper tonight the kids were talking about their day etc, and they got into a very deep discussion about what hurts more – having your arm cut off or having it burnt off with acid. Apparently this is a discussion in Gemara. Rashi has opined, according to my little scholars, that acid hurts less, so those that are punished for a crime by being sentenced to lose their arm, would get to choose to have their arm lopped off by a sharp knife, or burned off with acid. Most chose acid. What a choice??!!


My chicken sat forlornly on my plate….the others around the table, being people of the puerile variety, had no such issues, and munched and crunched while discussing the merits of either punishment.


I know I should be proud, perhaps after I finish digesting the meal and the conversation I will be able to dredge up some pride for my kids who actually listened once in class.


Boys boys boys!!