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No Offense……

Puhleeze. When you preface any phrase with these two words it totally means “I am going to offend you but by saying no offense I am trying to blunt the edges”. Somehow my kids have learned this phrase and have started using it left right and centre. “Ima, no offense, but next time you make this could you put less salt / pepper / attitude?”. “Well kid, no offense, but how about next time you open you mouth you think before talking?”

In the same vein, when you vent, and then you add “I’m just saying” at the end – again it’s a tactic to minimize the bite, but I don’t think either of these tactics work. They are passive aggressive and are meant to absolve the talker of any responsibility for his/her words.

If you have something to say, say it nicely. Don’t think you can add a little phrase and it makes the pain of your words go away. Have the courage and belief in yourself that what you have to say has merit and just say what you need to say but in a polite and respectful way.

….just sayin’ …..

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