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The Awesomeness of the Mundane

I have been in NY since late Thursday night. I am hanging out with my KoD for a little while and getting the house in order for the influx of the kids this summer. The kids are in Montreal with their dad for a little bit.

I am going to be here for a little while, and knowing that I don’t need to rush back to Canada is a great feeling, but not one that I am used to.

I am sure that after a while I may start to take being here for granted, but for now I am loving every minute that I get to spend with the KoD. Whether it is walking him to shul for mincha after dinner, or preparing his coffee in the morning, waiting for him in the driveway as he comes home from work. I am enjoying all the cleaning and laundry and cooking and shopping – because it is for US, and that is such a heady feeling.

As you read the other day, we went to a wedding, together – I am truly appreciative that we had that opportunity. It was awesome to introduce the KoD to my friends – and to use his real name, instead of “the KoD”. I was so proud to be there with him, and even when I was chatting with the bride and keeping her company, just looking across the hall and seeing my husband filled my heart up to bursting. Dancing with him later on…..well, that was just the icing on the cake….

Yesterday morning I was rearranging the kitchen so that it worked better for me. It took me the best part of 3 hours, but I was apparently singing the whole time with a huge grin on my face. Is this really me, do I enjoy housework this much??!!

This month we will have been married for sixteen months, and I feel like we are just starting our Shana Rishona, our first year. I fall more in love with him every single day – and I know that is going to continue!!

Yesterday I ran some errands. The young teller at the bank asked me if Mr KoD was my husband. I said sure. She smiled and told me that he is a great guy. I grinned back and said “I know, thanks”. Walking to mincha last night, one of our neighbours drove past us, and slowed down, and said out of his window “now that’s a sight to see – makes me so happy to see you guys walking together”.

Being with the KoD just fills me with absolute joy. I cherish every moment of it.

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Simple things

You know, it’s the simple things in life that can fill you with the most pleasure. I spent most of today (once I arrived) just hanging out with the KoD. I had some papers to sort out, he had work to do, we ate lunch together (he prepared it), I did laundry. He had more work. We ran errands. Simple errands. The bank and the library type of errands. Dropped in on some friends, acquainted ourselves with our friends’ new baby (so delicious and small – totally precious), petted a dog. Dropped in on some other friends and hung out for a little bit and laughed ourselves silly.

Nothing major. No planning months in advance. Just…..life. Life with the KoD. Driving six hours this morning to feel this blissed out – totally and utterly worth it.

Shabbat is not too far off, and I am looking forward to more of Life with the KoD. So grateful to be here, with him, and to have such awesome people in my life.

Shabbat Shalom!!

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She’s Baaaaaack!

I am back in Montreal, safe and sound after a phenomenal long weekend with the KoD. It still surprises me how much more in love with him I fall every time I see him. In two week’s time we will be celebrating a year of marriage. I remember so well on the day we pledged our foreverness to each other, that I loved him with every ounce of my being. I had no clue at that time how much more that love would grow and be nurtured. I had no idea that a year in, I would still get lost in his eyes and feel weak at the knees every time he looked at me.

The drive down with Empress CaresALot and her kids was uneventful and fun, and having company on this drive really relieved my usual six hour boredom. On the drive back her son definitely deserved the honour of being called the Other Prince ChatterBox. Bless his cotton socks. How many times did he recite Green Eggs and Ham from memory, oh lady Empress?

The weekend itself was a blur of activity – the time passed by so quickly that I am not even sure where it went. Every time I go down we do a lot to get the house as ready as possible for us, so that when the BIG MOVE finally happens (may it be soon, amen) there will be as little as possible to do and we can concentrate fully on settling the kids.

We visited Bed Bath and Beyond (twice – I am so in love) and Home Depot, and my absolute favourite store in the whole world – Shop Rite. I am sure there will come a time that it will become just the grocery store to me, but I am still amazed at the array of products that one can buy there that are kosher. I even got to check out the DMV – I was surprised that they had contemporary pop music playing in the background. Doesn’t happen up here. I ran to the library to get some good reading material for Shabbat, and I ran some errands for the KoD while he got some work done.

We had awesome Shabbat meals at different friends – the people in KoD’s community has opened their hearts and houses to us, and always welcome us so warmly. We are truly blessed to be part of this big Jewish family. There were so many people I had wanted to visit and spend time with, but due to the cold weather and the sheer busy-ness it just didn’t come to happen. There is always next time, right?

I am now “home” – though somehow, home is where the heart is, and a big huge chunk of mine is in NY with my KoD, but another big huge chunk is here waiting for my kiddliwinks to come home after their weekend with their dad. I cannot wait until these huge chunks are reunited forever.

I am off to unpack and unwind. (and to inspect my ears and compare them to the passport pic….)

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Well it was a rocky start, but I am sure things will totally improve. Our plane was this close to touching down at LaGuardia and all of a sudden we were airborne again. The captain’s voice came over the intercom a little later to explain what happened. There was “something” on the runway so we had to get airborne again to avoid it. In my mind that was  – OMG WE ALMOST CRASHED!! I was thrilled to land in one piece 5 minutes later.


We took the scenic route to my friend’s house, and the people-watching was amazing!!  The people watching continued on the date I had tonight – I saw a pregnant woman wearing a tight long tee that said “I LOVE SEX” – come on, that’s ridiculous!!!


Being in New York is like being in a different world. There are so many people here of all different races and creeds, the streets teem with people all day long. Every street corner is like a miniature United Nations. One thing I already noticed is the police presence – it seems there are NYPD cops everywhere you look. Makes one feel a little safer somehow.


Anyhow, I am off to sleep my first night in NY, and I just know this is going to be a brilliant vacation……



VACATION – all I ever wanted!

Now that the barmitzvah is over and all we are left with are phenomenal memories and a teen with a hat (oh and stupenderrific photographs) it is time for me to get some well deserved R and R.


Did I pick a desert island, a paradise resort? No. I am going to Shoe Mecca. Watch out NY, the frum world’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw is coming to town. Yes, I am to be vacationing in the Big Apple. I plan to squeeze in some sight seeing, some dates, and plenty of Manolos and Jimmy Choos.


I will definitely blog from NY so long as I have time – my schedule is already so overbooked I am tired before I have even left.


So peeps, any recommendations of fun touristy stuff to do, and or where the best clothes / shoe shopping is? Can you tell I am excited? I cannot remember my last vacation – if I ever had one!!


So Shabbat Shalom everyone!!!