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No Coffee – Day three

To my Darling Children


I am so proud of you all for waking up early. For being ready for school way ahead of schedule today. For having breakfast and showers before I even surfaced from my room at 6 am. For doing all of that quietly at the crack of dawn and not waking your sleeping beauty of a mother. (hey, they showered without me nagging – where the heck am I? A parallel universe??) I love you all so much. But, sweet sweet darlings of mine, knowing that I no longer drink coffee and that I need a moment or seventeen to “come to” in the mornings – why oh why did I have to wake up to the theme song from Hogan’s Heroes on the TV? How can you turn that stuff on at 6 am? Can we not be in denial that it’s morning until at least 7? Why were you all up so early? Was this a conspiracy?



She Who Must Be Obeyed (and Caffeinated)