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Antidote to the last post?

Ahem…So the biggest prince got sent home today because he had a bad stomach ache in class. Came in looking like a wet weekend. Hasn’t interfered at all in his killing mercenaries on the Wii but when I pass by he gives me the obligatory kvetch.

The school secretary just called. (One of these days I shall have to tell her what my name really is, politely). Wanted to see how he was doing, which I thought was quite sweet. I told her he still has some tummy discomfort. And here is where I got some interesting unsolicited advice. I need to take a spoon of hot water and a spoon of oregano, mix them together and make him drink it. It will cure him in no time. I thanked her kindly, hung up the phone and dissolved into fits of giggles.

It was just surreal. Oregano? Hot water? For the tummy? At least she cares???

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