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Spa Spa Glorious Spa

Oh My Goodness! Yesterday was just a phenomenal experience spa-wise, one that I wouldn’t mind repeating at some point in the not too distant future. I was pampered from head to toe and I loved it!


So I got to the swanky place, and was shown into a lovely changing room and handed a very high thread count fluffy white robe and slippers to change into. I strolled languidly into the waiting room, past the hammam (which I would love to try out one day), where they had these gorgeous loungers, incense scented the air, soft new age music played in the background.


My first treatment was an aromatherapy bath. I couldn’t even tell you what colour the water was, as the Jacuzzi style tub had different coloured lights flashing in the water. The bath was so relaxing, with soft lights and soft music. For 20 minutes the Jacuzzi action together with the aromatherapy did its best to relax my body and mind. There were so many little jets shooting out into the bath, one had to be careful where one sat. I almost felt as if I was floating on the Dead Sea. Once I was done, and toweled dry, it was back to the relaxation area.


I had brought a slushy romance book with me, it seemed the perfect accompaniment to the spoilage. I settled into my recliner and soon enough it was time for my next treatment. The lovely lady sat down on the floor next to me, and started massaging cream into my hands, coupled with a great hand massage. I closed my eyes and gave myself up to the sensations. Once my hands were all nice and lotioned, it was time for the paraffin gloves. Truth be told the idea of putting ones hands in hot wax kinda scared me a bit, but the reality of it was very pleasant. They left the paraffin on for 20 minutes, during which I closed my eyes and drifted. My hands feels soft like butter.


My third treatment was an hour long facial. I have to say it was very strange to have someone peer at your face as if it is a science experiment, examining the state of ones pores. And when she started clicking her tongue I knew I was in trouble. She caressed my face with her eyes closed, and I was worrying that this was a little unusual, but then she left the room and was back in a flash with a cream that would return my face’s natural moisture to it, for the low low price of 123 dollars. In the hour that she pored over my face she must have applied 7 different creams, placed a boiling hot towel on my face at least 10 times, she squeezed out some pesky clogged pores (wish she had warned me what she was doing….ouch).  The last thing she did was put a masque on – you know, the ick that goes on smooth and dries until you feel your face crack? Except she put it all the way down to my neck and shoulders, not the most comfortable experience of my life.  But I do have to say, my face is so soft, and looks healthy. And I was so nice, I let her keep the expensive cream.


Back I sauntered into the waiting area, and was brought a delicious coffee. Everyone there was so nice and friendly. I could get used to this luxury, you know.


My last treatment was a full body massage. I could have stayed on that massage table forever. I laid belly down, and within seconds I could feel heat spreading through me. This fancy massage table emanated heat too – it was just blissful. My masseuse had the hands of an angel, and her ministrations left me so relaxed that Gumby looks tense next to me. She asked me at the beginning of the session whether she should go soft, medium or hard. I asked for hard. She worked out all the knots of tension in my shoulders and my back, I am sure she used a little reflexology on my feet too (and I am usually so ticklish but I was beyond that sensation…weird). She spent a long time on my back, and even tho I wanted to just revel in the sensation my mind was drifting big time, trying to solve my problems, while I was supposed to be relaxing. I guess after a while of inactivity when you are not used to it, you start getting antsy to get back to the real world. I kept having to bring my focus back to the moment, telling myself to enjoy it. She ended off with giving me a scalp massage – I have never had one before and I want one at the end of every day now. That was just the best.


I spent a good few hours there, had a manicure and a pedicure too, so I feel pretty good physically, I feel that I look good – but of course today is another day and everyday stresses and strains are still there. But it was a great experience and I would totally do it again.


Driving home it started to rain, and I got rear ended. The rain came out of nowhere in sheets and the guy behind me mistimed his braking. No automobile damage, thankfully, but my shoulder is a little sore….maybe I need another massage…….