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Photo Album

One of my Montreal Mommies suggested I put together a photo album for the immigration interview. Pictures of family events that the KoD and I attended together, pix of me with his kids, pix of him with my boys. Pictures of us together at different locations.

I have a wedding album that I plan to shlepp along, but how many pictures do I put in my extra album? What exactly does the immigration officer want to see? There are pictures of me with KoD’s mom and brother, KoD with my mum and brothers…. Professional pics from Squiggy’s barmitzvah. Candid shots of us all just hanging out….

Should I upload our wedding video onto a USB drive, or will that be overkill? I wonder if they’d even let me bring that in to the consulate….

If you any experience with these types of interviews please give me the benefit of your wisdom.


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Say Cheese!!

We did professional photographs erev Shabbat of the barmitzvah. I have to say that these pictures are amazing and stupendous and I am in awe of how the camera seemed to capture the essence of each child. These pictures were also awesome in that they were family shots. With me. With the KoD. Together. A family.

We had a total blast at the park posing for the professional pictures. Hanging from lamp posts and pointing at non existent things in the distance.

Tonight I got the album and the CD-Rom, within minutes the pictures were uploaded to Picasa and Facebook so the family can shepp much nachas with us. I think my men need to pose for a Jewish GQ.

So here is a pic I can share, that of me and my delicious hunky hubby the KoD.


And here is one taken at the end of the shoot as they were all walking off to the car. It’s one of my favourites.


And you know what was on my mind as I was scrolling through the pix – “I wish I would have worn heels”. I had a broken toe and couldn’t. I am so shallow sometimes….

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Photo Project

I am the kind of mom that has photographs of her kids everywhere. On the walls, on the end tables, in frames, albums, digital albums etc. There are definitely way too many around the house. Seeing as we are moving, and doing the blended family thing, I need to be sensitive to everyone and not cover every surface with pics of my kids.

The photos that I have had up on the walls – some have been up for over ten years and are my favourites. What can I do to preserve these wonderful pictures but not display them? Bear in mind I am not that crafty.

Thanks in advance….

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Passed Muster – almost


We went to the passport office this morning to apply for the passports. I brought the kids with me, because after all the photo fiasco and hoopla , if they wanted me to retake the kids photos I didn’t want to delayed it too much.


Now, if you mail in the forms etc it can take at least 2 months, but if you go to the passport office it take 10 working days until they send you the passport. Excellent. I will have them before the June 1st 2009 deadline (after that you need a passport to cross the Canada / USA border).


The only problem we ended up having with the pictures is that Prince HockeyFan has his mouth open in them (he has an overbite) and that is not acceptable. There was NO problem with lighting etc. (Go figure!) So she processed all the applications, and told me that if I dropped off his new pix by the end of the day there should be no processing delay.


The passport office that I used is at the Fairview Shopping Centre, and I figured I could get his pix done there. I went to the Pharmaprix there (cheapest option first) and asked if they would do it (couldn’t hurt to ask). No, sorry we don’t take kids pictures. Surprise surprise. We waited for another store to open – Astral Pictures – and they did his pictures, professionally and with courtesy, and at twice the price!


Now I have to tell you that my son was not well pleased about having to have his photos retaken. He started to whine and complain about how hard it would be blah blah. I had absolutely NO patience for this kind of behaviour but I didn’t want to cause a scene. I am proud to admit that I bribed him. Told him I had a certain amount on money in my wallet that had his name on it if he decided he was going to cooperate with zero fuss. Amazing thing, money. There was NO fuss. Wow. I absolutely hate the photos – they don’t look like him. He has a frowny face in them, but his mouth is closed.


We dropped off the pictures at the office and hightailed it to school. I am glad that’s done.


(I walked past Second Cup and Saint Cinnabon and Café Depot and they called out to me….but I resisted).