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Update on Hopalong


I have had some emails asking for an update on Hopalong Squiggs. So here it is. He is out of a cast – it’s been two weeks now. He is still on crutches, but after a great physio appointment this week he is now able to bear weight on his previously broken ankle. He broke the distal tibia. We have plenty of exercises to do, and the hope is that he will be off the crutches and walking on his own by Pesach. The problem isn’t the ankle so much, but the knee that was immobilized so that the ankle could heal.


The good thing is he is a determined person, and wants to walk and run and jump and be a normal kid again. He is frustrated at not being able to help as much around the house as he wants to. As soon as he is mobile, there is a chore list a mile long for him 😉 just kidding.


This morning Prince ChatterBox was asking for roller blades. I said no. Absolutely not. Only wheels the kids are allowed now are bikes and scooters.  That’s it!


So thank G-d the child is healed, and almost back to normal.