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Touch me

Your touch sets me on fire

Lightning fuses from tip of toe to top of head

Igniting pathways in between

Your lips are like molten lava

Burning with every kiss

The merest hint of contact and I am aflame

My body yearning to quench its thirst

With the fire of your burning passion

The promise of our mutual explosion

A temptation not to be ignored

The slow steady burn that leads

To the conflagration of the soul

Dear heart, I melt for you.

Copyright H Sabo 2008


Broken Dreams

Shattered illusions

Litter the floor

Broken dreams

Surround the emptiness

What was once believed

To be true and good

Is nothing but a thought

Wishful in the extreme

Lives lay wasted

In the battleground

Called “hope”

Love has claimed her victims

And buried them deep

Leaving the survivors

Forlorn and abandoned

Fractured and hopeless