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Poll for the menfolk

Of course, it’s a poll about your ladies. Do you like them to wear make-up and get dressed up, even if it’s just to spend time with you? Does it bother you if they make no effort whatsoever and shlump around in their sweats / pjs – or do you prefer that look? Do you ever ask your lady to put make up on, or dress nicer? Do you not notice at all what she is wearing? Do you ever wish she would make more of an effort? Does she dress differently now than when you were dating? How so? Does this bother you? What are your views on the robes that many religious women wear a lot of the time?

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Poll for divorced parents

When your child is / children are with the other parent – how often do you call on the phone? Do you feel like you are imposing? Or just keeping lines of communication open? When the kids are with you and their other parent calls to speak to them do you see that as an imposition? How often is too often to call when the kids are not with you? What system do you find works best for you? Are you the custodial or non custodial parent, or do you have shared custody?

I am trying to figure out whether I call my kids too much when they are not with me, or whether I fall into the normal range. (I called them twice this weekend, but they know they can call me at any time and they do.)

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Divorce Poll

I know that many of my readers are or have been divorced and are co-parenting to some degree with their ex-spouse. I was curious to know how you communicate with each other and how that works for you.

My ex and I communicate primarily through email. We don’t use the kids to pass messages. When it’s something urgent concerning the kids we will talk on the phone (like when Squiggy broke his leg), but we try as much as possible to do it all by email. There is less chance of disrespectful dialogue that way. We have learned to be straightforward and to the point in our emails. Extra unnecessary verbiage just doesn’t help. He is not my friend. Nor am I his. We ONLY communicate about the children. There is nothing else that needs to be talked about. We both have blackberries so we know our message gets to the other person immediately.

This email communication really cuts down on arguments and actually gives a written record which could be useful. The only problem with email is tone. Sometimes you read something into a sentence which totally isn’t there.

So how do you communicate? Does it work for you? Do you think good communication will only work if the other party is on the same page as you and willing to be civil too? What do you wish would change? Does your ex use any communication opportunity to remind you of why your marriage ended? To go on about your failings as a husband / wife / parent ad nauseam?

ETA – how long were you married? How long have you been divorced? Are you or the other party remarried? More kids? Step-kids?

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Quick non scientific poll

Women – Do you cry too much? Do you cry a lot? What makes you cry? Are you a self described cry baby? Does your male partner cry too? What do you think of that?

Men – do you cry? When? Do you think your wife or female significant other cries too much? Do you think crying on your part is threatening to your masculinity?

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