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Back to the gym

I haven’t really had a decent work out in three months. I did start back at the gym last week, but only did elliptical. I started off gently. This week it’s back full force, the weights and exercising all the muscle groups.

I asked the surgeon what I can / can’t do. He did tell me that pretty much any exercise I do will affect my neck. It will hurt. Don’t push too much, but don’t be a wimp either. Listen to my body.

Well. Ow freaking ow!

Seriously though, I had a wonderful work out. My muscle tone is not that badly affected by my three months off, which is a relief because it did take me almost 6 months to build it up to where it was pre-surgery. BUT the doc was right. Everything affected my neck. Even sit ups pulled on my neck. I didn’t do as many reps as I had wanted to – I know I need to build up gradually, but I was not prepared for even the most benign of exercises to pull at my neck.

I will take tomorrow off or just do cardio, then back again to the machines and the weights. I need to be in fighting form. Being stronger helps me think better.

Off to shower and wait for the Advil to kick in. But, I am glad I am getting back into shape. I am taking care of me, as well as everyone else, and that’s so important.