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Well, I was in Montreal, and I just had to have poutine. I haven’t had poutine in close to two years and I dreamed of it, I salivated over the idea of it and finally this week I squeezed in a quick visit to Pizza Pita and ordered my poutine.

It did not live up to my high expectations. I would even go so far as to say it was “meh”. I expected to be transported to gustatory nirvana. Didn’t happen. Well, I guess I am finally cured of eating a “heart attack in a bowl”.

Sad sad sad day.

What a difference a day makes….

For the two weeks that I was off coffee I had no energy. I dragged myself around and felt that my get up and go had got up and went.


Yesterday I had a cup of coffee and I had energy to clean house, I got all the laundry done after a cup of coffee today, met up with friends for lunch, and still had energy left to clean and cook when I got home. Not quite Lynette on Ritalin, but close 😉 Last week this would have been very tough.


Maybe caffeine is a wonder-drug, but it isn’t speed or amphetamines, and it seems a harmless way to get stuff accomplished in my day. I don’t regret falling off the decaffeinated wagon!


We had a tweet-up today which was so fun. EmetElisheva  and KosherAcademic  and I all met up at the Cavendish Mall for an hour, over poutine.  I had never physically met KosherAcademic before, neither had EmetElisheva. We all three are bloggers and we tweet too – I connected with KA over FaceBook through KvetchingEditor, and EE and I have been friends for years, EE and KA connected through Twitter. It’s a small world, this blogosphere of ours.


Girlies – I had a lot of fun – I look forward to meeting up again soon.

Ode to Poutine

French Fries

I love you on your own

With a nice sized dollop of ketchup



You always thrill me

And strengthen my bones



You moisten even the driest

Of any food on the table.


Combine the three at high heat

The gravy soaks its way

Into the french fries

And the cheese melts its way

Around those crispy-turning-soggy fries

Creating a mouthwatering heart stopping artery clogging dish